Without prospects, business sucks!! 

Prospects are the lifeblood of our businesses.  If we want super success, we need prospects, period! A good steady stream of them, too.

This resource guide may become one of the most important business building tools you will ever have in your possession.  If properly and consistently (consistency is the key) worked and followed up upon, having a fresh flow of new prospects is a goldmine! That’s assuming you don’t quit too soon as many people do, and you have chosen the right companies and products or services to work with of course.  

Now, to be upfront with you, one of the primary reasons I  wrote this guide was for the people I work with in the home-based businesses I’m involved in.  However, I want to help as many people as I possibly can in whatever business opportunity they (you) are involved with, be it with me or not.  I want to help the "conventional" business owner and sales person as well. I want you to have every possible method I know of for finding other team members.  

I am very focused and doing very well where I’m at now and not looking for other opportunities at this time, so please send me no spam.

On the other hand, if you're currently working a solid business with great products or services, a good support system and sponsor, and you're happy and making the kind of money you'd like, I encourage you to stay there and try to make a go of it. If you just can't, then by all means, please consider the opportunity I'm involved with. It's one you GOTTA see if you're serious about earning a fantastic income and retiring from your job and working from home full-time in the next 6 to 18 months).

In this resource guide below I'm going to show you over 250 different ways to find fresh new customers, prospects and/or business partners. 

Some of these methods I have used over the years to help me run a very successful network marketing lead generation company in the 1990's (which I owned), build a team of 3,800 distributors in a 24 month period in a network marketing business, and over 300,000 members worldwide in a little over a year in another business, and have earned monthly commissions in the tens of thousands of dollars.  

I don’t tell you this to brag, heaven knows I have failed more times than I care to talk about.  In fact, some of my business failures over the years have cost my family and others much pain. I like to think that these “failures” have been blessings in disguise and have contributed to my successes thru the “school of hard knocks.”   I continue to learn daily.  I trust you do as well.

So, you want to know how and where to find new blood for your business?  Well, I think I have compiled one of the biggest, if not the biggest list of ways to find new prospects and business partners. I will add to it as I get more. That's why they're on this webpage and not in a PDF. (so, please bookmark this page and visit again).


Where do I prospect after my family hates me?

Hopefully this isn’t the case.  After you “beat up” your family and friends with your new business opportunity, where do you go for more prospects?

First of all, I suggest you work with a company that has products you would not be embarrassed to show your friends and family.  

Or...if you’re trying to sell a product, service, Internet training or marketing tools system, or the like, the more people you expose your stuff to and properly follow up with, the more money you’re most likely going to make.  It’s simply a mathematical equation.  A “numbers game," as they say.

Problem is, most people run out of prospects soon after starting their new business and then get discouraged and quit.  They "should" be working thru their contact's contacts, etc. (referrals), but most don't.

If the methods in this manual are used, new life and hope will be injected into you and your team. And, better yet, a much better chance of making money.

Focus on helping "others" make money and you'll make money!

If I’m building my network marketing business, I’m looking for somebody that will take responsibility and COMMIT to their own success.

They are Winners, not Quitters!

They love life.  They are fun people. 

They are "already" motivated. You can't motivate people, they have to motivate themselves.

I used to try and “sell” people on joining me but now the process is one of finding the "right kinds" of people.  You know……people who have a “want,” and a “passion” for a better way of life.  They know “why” they want to make money from a home business and will keep working at it until they are successful. 

I actually filter OUT the rest. This makes for less stress and a faster build by bringing in "like-minded" people.

Your life will be much easier if you identify these types of personalities.  Trust me.

Like I said, I try my best to weed out the whiners (time wasters) who basically want something for nothing and expect miracles without the WORK needed to succeed.  They do not have the winning attitude and mind-set it takes to be successful in this industry.  They are also hard to work with, usually.  For your sanity, I hope you are cautious with whom you choose to work with, too.

If you are selling an Internet training course or an affiliate product, you still need people, interested people.  Now days, there are some excellent ways to find prospects online but I’m also going to expose many other ways that you may not have thought of.  Ways that can help you build your “online” OR “off-line” home-based business, be it network marketing, affiliate marketing, an Internet business, or almost any small "conventional" business.


What you’re gonna find in my manual…

Some of these methods are free, some cost a little money and some can cost a quite a bit.  You may think some are awesome and some a waste of your time.   The point is, I guarantee you will find at least a few ways, if not dozens, that can help you increase your income, faster.

If not, I’ll give you back every penny you spent on this free resource manual. ;-)

And, just because The Prospecting Bible is free doesn't mean it's not EXTREMELY powerful.. It is!!

NOTE: Obviously I hope you'll purchase one of the tools or systems I sell, and/or join into one of my businesses. That's why I offer my manual free, so I have the opportunity to expose my bizopps and products, and brand me, to you.

Remember, the most important thing you can do to build your business is to TAKE ACTION!!  Massive, Focused, Consistent and Committed ACTION = Success.

VERY IMPORTANT: One thing you'll always want to do is to "test" any marketing method you choose to work with first, BEFORE spending a lot of money, and make sure you feel comfortable it works well enough before you invest a lot of money.  You do NOT need to spend a lot of money advertising and marketing, for you to earn great money from home.  Testing first is ultimately important and can save you a lot of time and money. ALWAYS, ALWAYS TEST FIRST!! (My advice...Never spend more than you can afford to lose).

Then, continue to test after you decide to start your marketing.  Better yet, do "split" tests.  That's where you try different ads or websites and see which work best.  Auto responder systems allow you to do these.

Another very important related thing here.  Remember, when you go "fishing" for new prospects, you had better know what process you're going to put them thru when they do respond to your marketing, and what you're going to say to them.  Like, what questions you're going to ask them, etc.  Try to keep it SIMPLE!!

You need to learn about them so you can find out what they want.  This is vitally important. You can generate all the new prospects you like but if you don't know what to do with them after you attract them, you will lose a big percent of them. Many programs help you in this area now, but it's best if you get to know them a bit and build a relationship.

Also, keep in mind, you are selling YOURSELF first. Then, you're selling the company and products. So, know thyself. Be the kind of sponsor you'd like to have.

On another note, let me make this clear.  I am not making any guarantees of income or results.  Nobody can guarantee your success. I’m simply offering many powerful tips, tricks, ideas, techniques and tools to you for reaching new prospects and/or business partners. 

Don’t be fooled into ever thinking that a legitimate home-based business is a get-rich-quick-scheme.  It’s not.  Many, certainly not all, have enormous potential for you to make a little or even a LOT of money fairly fast (as in weeks or months, not years), with a lot of work. But, there’s absolutely no guarantee of wealth.

Is there a better chance making big money from working a solid home business than winning the lottery? Of course. Absolutely!!  A much, MUCH better change. In fact, it’s not really chance at all, it’s smart, hard work that gives you success. The right company, management, products, compensation plan, and opportunity presented to a lot of fresh new interested prospects over time, can create a wonderful extra income, and possibly help you reach your wildest dreams.

Yeah, I know some of this is elementary to many of you, but I felt that some of the newbies needed to hear this.

Some of these ideas below are self-explanatory, and most I just give you the idea, but it will take a little thinking and creativity on your part. 

Remember, building a big income from home is possible, it usually does take time, however, so don’t expect too much, too fast.  Think of it has a 2 to 5 year wealth building plan in most cases although it can be much faster with a few companies or products.  And, if it takes longer, so be it. 

Don't forget to have fun and enjoy your success. Pick out 3 to 6 of these prospecting methods to start with and go build your dreams! And, if you see the same idea twice, oops, my bad. ;-)

I’d love to hear your success stories on how these methods of building your business work for you.  Send them to:


That was the appetizer, now let’s get to the meat.



FORWARD by Dr. Joe Rubino

Author of “The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing”

What does it really take to be successful in building a 6-figure network marketing, affiliate, or Internet business? That’s the question that everyone involved in our wonderful profession wants to know. And while if you were to ask 100 top home-based entrepreneurs, you’d likely get 100 different, all very legitimate answers, every one would surely agree that without a strong plan for effective prospecting, nothing else really matters.

Prospects are the life-blood of any network marketing, affiliate, or Internet business. Without speaking with enough people on a consistent basis, determining their willingness in becoming a product customer, inquiring of their interest in exploring a fit for your income opportunity, and showing your business plan, you will simply not be able to make the numbers work in your favor. After all, to a great extent, prospecting is a numbers game. For every 100 individuals you prospect, a certain number will be interested in learning more about and eventually come into your business. Of course, how effective you are in such arenas as developing rapport, making a friend, getting permission to explore what’s missing in your prospect’s world, creating rich value, and passing along your unshakable belief in the ultimate success of those who join you and follow your system, will dramatically impact your success ratios.

The better you become at each of these skills, the fewer people you’ll need to speak with in order to identify one open-minded individual who sees the value you are offering. But no matter how skillful you become at making your presentations, if you lack sufficient numbers of prospects, you will find it difficult to reach the top echelons of success in our industry.

So where do the best prospects come from and how can you create an endless supply of them so that you will never experience the desperation and neediness that comes from not having enough qualified people to speak with? That is exactly what Nick Hetcher’s book addresses. For you see, while some people are naturally gregarious, meeting new people and potential prospects everywhere they go, most are more reserved and not very comfortable with speaking to strangers in the checkout line. While some have strong lists of friends and family just waiting to be presented with a life-changing home-based income opportunity, many do not. Does this mean that those deficient in these ways have little chance of realizing their dreams? Absolutely not!

Allow me to share a brief story with you. There was once a shy and introverted dentist who was attracted to the promise of personal and financial freedom that network marketing held out before him as a possibility. The idea that he might be able to utilize this vehicle to replace his significant 6-figure professional income and retire early in life certainly was appealing. However, there was one small challenge: he had limited contacts and was not at all comfortable speaking with people! So how could such a disadvantaged individual hope to succeed in network marketing? The short answer is by getting creative at finding an unlimited source of qualified prospects who were interested in hearing all about his income opportunity.

As you may have guessed, this is my story. Before I immersed myself in the study of what it would take to reinvent myself and maximize my personal effectiveness with others, I decided to develop and implement a plan that would slide the numbers squarely in my favor. My plan involved speaking with 5 new prospects daily, 20 days each month for a total of 100 new quality presentations to be made each and every month until I had realized my goal of replacing my 6-figure dental income. This process took me about 18 months and was fueled by identifying several pathways that would provide me with an endless stream of new prospects that I would introduce to my opportunity.

So, I’m perfectly clear about how essential the art of generating so many prospects that one never runs into the remote possibility of not having several hundred more people just waiting in the wings. Now that we’ve established the value in creating such a supply of qualified prospects, why is Nick Hetcher qualified to write this book about this topic? Simply because he’s “been there and done that” himself effectively – more than once. Nick has reached the top levels of five companies simply by generating a steady steam of prospects in the ways you are about to learn of in this book. Nick is an expert at the art of attracting the right types of individuals, those ready to evaluate and act upon a potentially life-changing opportunity when they see it.

I encourage you to follow the advice that Nick spells out in his resource manual. By doing so, you will have solved the most important part of the success equation and will be well on your way to achieving the type of income that can and will impact your life in a dramatic way.

Live long, prospect many, and sponsor!

Yours in Success,

Dr. Joe Rubino
Author - The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing (Get a copy at

And, author of “The 7 Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty” plus 10 other best-selling books and audio programs available in 19 languages worldwide.



Over "250" Ways to Find New

Prospects and Customers!


NEW SCHOOL MARKETING is in Session...The Internet is taking over much prospecting these days and if you are wise you'll learn all you can about these AMAZING ways to generate massive loads of traffic and build your business both "online and "off-line."

Your "Warm" Market...I don't care what you hear, never overlook your warm (people you know personally) market!  NEVER!!! In fact, for most people, it’s the best place to get a fast start and can build the biggest and most lucrative businesses. Yes, even bigger than online businesses!! It's all about the "personal touch" that will NEVER go out of style in this industry!!   You never know who you know that may just be looking for something like what you have until you ask them. Many of them also have excellent business minded contacts whom can benefit your business greatly. At the very least, send them email introducing them to your "prospecting system(s)" and/or new home-based business. But, you should always use the phone for follow up. The "phone" should be your best friend. A text message or email can (should) be used as a backup, but not as the only way to follow up. A lot of schooling nowadays is teaching people to first present your prospect to a great "prospecting / traffic" system. You can see a few of those that I use and recommend inside of this book. (You can them to build your business locally or nationally, or even internationally). And, even though your warm list may not be interested in the business (at this time), they may be great “customers” who simply just want your great products or services. Customers are very important and make this whole industry possible.  You’re not trying to “talk them into anything,” just looking for people who want to make money and like your opportunity and products, or just want to buy your products or service.  You are “sorting” for like-minded people. One more note on this. There are probably a few close friends and family members that you should NOT approach with your new business opportunity. They will only bring you down and you don't need that when you're getting started. You know who they are, just stay clear of them, "until" you have success, then you may want to contact them. Or, simply offer them the products or service without mentioning the "opportunity." Bottom-line, go to the people you know who are: upbeat, positive, cool and non-judgmental.  People who may be looking to earn extra money and/or who have loads of "contacts" they can refer you to. Remember, just one good contact can be worth a million dollars to you over your career.

Twitter Search...Want to find people who are talking about "your" niche right now, as in the past 24 hours? This is a fantastic way to connect with like-minded people 24/7 and it's free.

The “Seven Second” Presentation...(phone your friend or prospect) Here’s what you say. "Hey Bob (or whomever), call this short recorded message (or “check out this web site.”  Whatever you use to present your opportunity or the information you want to sell them) and call me back and tell me what you think."  Then give them the phone number or web site address and follow up with them in a day or two if you don't hear back from them. See what they think. Just ask them,“So, what do you think?”  Then, SHUT UP and listen to them. Find out what they want.  Not what you think they want. If they have questions that you can't answer, go to your sponsor or somebody who can help them. 3-way calls with your sponsor or upline can usually work better than trying to go it solo. You may want to even 3-way call them into that recorded call in the first place. Always follow up and find out what they think, no pressure, but a follow up call can produce great results you would not have gotten otherwise.  Follow up goes hand-in-hand with success. ALWAYS FOLLOW UP with every prospect.  It’s just proper communication and will set you above your competitors.  It also teaches your new team member the importance of good communication. 

Network Marketing is all about "trust" and "communication." ... You can find hundreds of people who will do things like: Get 500backlinks leading to your website, or send 10,000 visitors to your website, or submit your website to over 1,000 different search engines, etc. etc. for only $5 each at I have used services from here a lot of love it.  

Ask your company, sponsor or upline…
Sometimes the people who got you involved in your business will have “leads” (prospects) they will give you.  Ask them, it can’t hurt and shows them you are serious about working the business.  They may have co-op advertising you can join in also. Be careful before putting out much money until you are “sure” you will get great value and it advertising works.  A good rule of thumb I like to go by is to never invest more than you can afford to lose  

Forehead Ads
Here’s a weird one. I recently read about a guy who puts advertisements in large print across his forehead.  I guess if you’re in a big enough city and get seen by a lot of people and don’t really care if they think you’re a lunatic, then maybe give this idea a try. Not my first choice of promoting my business. (Update: you can find other weird ways like this to advertise on so the reach is more than local);-)

Home Parties... Believe it or not, this is on the the best ways to build your business!!  It will never go out of style or stop working!  Invite a bunch of people over for a Business or Internet – “Success Party."  Serve your company’s products if they are editable. You can use your company’s Power Point or DVD to present the business opportunity, make up your own presentation, or play real casual and don’t do any presentation and just give them the opportunity system information to check out when they get home. Make sure to make it fun for all.

7 Brilliant Strategies To Promote Your Blog For Free

Local Hotel Meetings...These can (should) be a lot of fun as well as build a bond among local people. Some people say these meeting don't work anymore.  Well, that's not correct.  If done properly, they work well.  Really well.  It can be a great way to build your business fast.  All local distributors need to do is invite prospects to the meeting and let the presenter do the work for them. If you are organizing it, you may have to be the first presenter, or find one who can do an adequate job. It’s probably best to “start” doing meeting locally in homes and then expand to a restaurant's backroom or hotel when you have enough people to justify the expense. Costs can be split among distributors and there should never be a charge for guests.  An exception may be if you’re trying to create a perceived value for the event, in which case you may charge a nominal fee, just make sure there is value to the people attending. 


TIP: Whoever EXPOSES (and then Follows Up) the most people to the opportunity and products (consistently) usually makes the most money.  Don't learn to become a sales person, rather learn to become a "Master Inviter."

Bridal and Tux Shops…If you have nice and inexpensive samples, offer them to local bridal and tuxedo shops to give-away to their customers.  Newlyweds are good prospects for extra income opportunities, so leave your contact information with each sample.  Try to enroll the store owner too of course.

Chat Rooms...You bet. Chat rooms can supply a free and endless supply of prospects day or night, 24/7/365. Go to the bigger ones like Yahoo, MSN and AOL and head to the "health" or "small/home business" rooms, depending on your product or service. You need to abide by their rules of course. (Do a Google search to find some). Usually you can instant-message with any of the people in the room individually. You want to stay focused and start off asking something like, "How ya doing today/tonight?" After they respond, you will want to have a little more small talk and then might say something like, "Open to a cool way to make extra money?" Then gently and quickly lead them to your web site or brief recorded phone message and give them your contact information if they are interested. If you can get their contact information that will be  great for follow up later. You could prospect all day and night to dozens of new people every day with this method and are sure to find some interested people and even some people who could put a lot of money in your pocket. They could then use some of the prospecting methods in this guide also. There are systems that train how to prospect this way. 


Business Cards from Bulletin Boards...Go to the stores where you see all those business cards that business owners and network marketers put up. Sure, put yours there too, but even better than that...have a notebook and write down the names and contact information of all these entrepreneurs who took the time to put their card or flyer there. These are the kind of people you want in your business. Then go home and start contacting them. Another free and targeted way to find local prospects.

Go After "Top Dogs"...In most cases these leaders are not going to join you, especially at first. If you do get thru to them (and you can many times) they don’t know who you are so you have to start a "friendship" first.  If they are network marketers, they are probably doing well in another program and are not looking to make a move. If they are successful Internet marketers, they are busy and making money but if you have a great idea or joint venture (JV), you may have their attention and possibly a new business partner.  The main point is to "make the contacts." I used to call many of the article writers, and leaders who ran ads in MLM and business opportunity publications and just introduce myself. Over the years I have made several good friends this way and some of those top dogs did in fact join me later in business. If you have a strong product line and business opportunity, you just may sponsor a leader or two this way, but be prepared to contact lots of leaders if you expect to sponsor one or two. One or two “could” be worth their weight in gold but don't think this is the only or best way to build your business (it's not), its just an add-on to normal methods.


TIP MassiveConsistent and Focused ACTION  =  Massive Residual Income .......over time. 


The "Voice Mail" Hit...This could be a great business builder for you and these professionals will be calling you to join the business "after" the company 24/7 recorded message and/or marketing web site does the business presentation for you.

Everyone has voice mail these days. Go to the yellow pages (yes, even online Yellow Pages) and find the people you want to target (likechiropractors for example). Next, start calling "after hours" so you get the voice mail and leave your brief message and ask them to call your brief recorded overview, (Or, the same system I just mentioned also has an automated voice-mail system that will leave your message for you and the cost for that is dirt cheap). Leave your contact information.  It would be a good idea to call them back a couple days later during the day and see if they have any interest.  Make sure you sound friendly and professional and have something of value so they will want to take the action you want them to take.  If you make enough calls a few will call you back.  It’s all numbers.


Ice Cream Truck… Work out a deal with the ice cream truck (bike) and see if he’ll pass out flyers for you. Who knows, maybe he'll even join you in business sell your products from his bike or truck. Wouldn't that be cool?


Street Food Vendors… Another good prospecting method that can get your information and/or products to hundreds of people every day. 

Viral Email...Get creative. Send email that has a joke, funny photo/video or other "different" stuff - and your business information at the bottom of the email. Keep it clean. Imagine one funny photo or video being forwarded to thousands or even millions of friends across the world, each seeing your marketing information. I hope you have a YouTube account and are using video. 

Talking Email...Send email to prospects with your own, or professional "audio" email promoting your products and business. Audio grabs their attention more than text alone.  Coming out of a radio and marketing background since the late 1970’s, I have some experience in this field.  In fact I was a pioneer with web site and email audio with and (now defunct) and know first hand the power of audio and text combined on the Internet.   I also do professional voice-overs (5,000 since 1980)  for a very reasonable fee.  See  to hear my demos and see my current price list (some times I offer a 50% OFF SPECIAL, check and see).

Video Email...Video email is popular and can be very effective.  It’s kind of like having your own TV ads streaming to your prospects. Keep them short and interesting.


Vlogging…Vlogging is simply Video Blogging.  Hey, blogs are very popular and video blogs are rising quickly in popularity since more and more people are upgrading to high speed Internet and can view video online much easier.  A great way to sell your stuff. 


Bathroom Ads...These ads are usually placed in men’s restrooms above the urinals. Imagine the captive audience you have all day and night, day after day. Make sure your ad is powerful and can be read in 30 seconds. Also, make sure you have very easy contact information or web site address they will remember (Like: or  Some women’s restrooms in public places have these as well.  If not, they should, just not above the urinals.  ;-) 


The "Old" Card...Here you crumple up your business card and make it look like it’s old and like somebody who had been carrying it around--lost it. You leave it on the floor in stores, malls, etc.  I hear this one gets more action than using a new card.  Apparently, people “think” since it’s worn out looking, it must have been important to somebody—so they pick it up and check it out. (the $100 bill cards can work well for this one also).


The Leave Behind...Leave a sample and/or business card on the shelf by the business, Internet related, health, and MLM books and magazines in bookstores and libraries. Maybe even slip a few inside the publications. Leave anywhere you feel "sharp" people will see it.

Flea Markets...This excellent idea could make you good money and build a large organization. Rather than set up a booth, attend flea markets as a customer and talk to the people running the booths. There a hundreds of prospects and many of these vendors are perfect people for your business. They are entrepreneurs looking to make a buck, right? Well then, introduce them to your awesome products and business and the power of building a "residual" income so eventually they do not have to be spending all their weekends at the flea market making chump change compared to the money they can make with a successful home-based business that can build nationally or even worldwide. They also probably know other sellers at the flea market whom they could bring in the business. Don’t overlook this business builder. You could also set up a booth. the power of cable to use for local, regional and national advertisers. Comcast Spotlight, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, helps put the power of on air, online and on demand media to use for local, regional and national advertisers. It is focused on moving the advertising industry forward with advanced technologies and innovative products to reach, engage and connect with audiences most effectively and efficiently.

With a presence in over 80 markets reaching approximately 30 million owned and represented homes, Comcast Spotlight offers advertisers advanced technologies and innovative products reaching millions of qualified consumers for deeper engagements with their brands.

Explore the site to discover the many dynamic tools and exciting branding opportunities or contact a Comcast Spotlight Representativeto discuss how the full resources of Comcast Spotlight can help boost marketing plans.  Warning: this could get expensive.

Hire Your Kids...Pay your kids (or anybody for that matter) to pass out your flyers.  Pay them “enough” so the flyers actually get distributed and not tossed in a garbage can in some back alley.  Maybe even offer them a commission from every product or business opportunity that gets sold from any of the flyers.

Sponsor Reps Who "Already" Call on Businesses...They could be a goldmine.  They know lots of sharp, business-minded people. It can be a quick way to build your business.


Engagement / Wedding Announcements… Watch your local newspaper for announcements.  These are great prospective customers and business partners.  Send them information and follow up with a call if you can get their phone number.


Envelope “Teasers”… Have a rubber stamp made with your web site address or sizzle call and stamp every envelope you mail out (including your bills).  I used to own a company that offered these kind of “teasers” and they can work well.

Rocket APP... This is a mobile web app I was alerted to recently. It's "NOT" a bizopp and I "don't" have an affiliate link, just passing it on because it may help you (especially if you're "not" self-employed). They demonstrate how it's a powerful recruiting tool which makes it easy for 
you to demonstrate how much money people are LOSING by not being in a home business. Then, they are more open to look at your bizopp. It 
is top of the list of the “25 Must Have Items of 2013” by 
DirectSellingLive magazine. Pretty cool tool.  Try for 7 days, then it's $4.95 a month. Here's a link: 

Sales Team...Hire people to pass out your samples and flyers. They could go to businesses or homes. Pay them by the hour. If they find this easy, fun and successful, they may want to join you in the business also.  You could also pay them a commission on product or business opportunity sold.

Professional Sporting Events...Stand outside these events and pass out your information to everybody you see. Many of these people are professionals who just may be perfect for your business. If you want to have some fun, dress up in a costume. (College and high school events work as well).

Temporary Employment Agencies… They may be interested in referring your business opportunity to people.


Ask for Referrals...Always ask the people you’re prospecting if they can refer a few of their family and friends who may be interesting in your product/service or in making more money. This is almost as good as a warm lead, sometimes even better.  Most people forget to ask for referrals.  I'm sure guilty of this.

Hire a Virtual Assistant...If you have the extra money, or when you are earning enough money in your home business, you can hire a "virtual assistant," for  anywhere from $7 to $15 an hour to make prospecting calls for you and then when they turn over the lead to you, that prospect is pretty much ready to join you in business. Or, many people are hiring overseas help for as little as $2 an hour. You'll have to search Google for this.

Pinterest...You can grab prospects here. Marketing on Pinterest and the other "social networks" can be a good way to make new business relationships. 

Celebrity Endorsement...Be it local or national, if you have a well known celebrity join your team and really promote it, it could be the ticket that shoots you into network marketing or Internet stardom. A  friend of mine from Wisconsin, sponsored a guy from California who wrote a very popular 1970's hit song we all have heard many, many times. He knows some other celebrities like sports announcer James Brown (who has some interest in his products too I guess). You never know who will join you in business. I have sponsored a couple professional Green Bay Packer football players  and it wasn't as hard as you might think. I even worked closely with the great NFL defensive player Reggie White on another project when I had the trademark, Cheese Head.  Thru online social places like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook I was able to meet and interview several celebrities and influential marketers and work in business with a few of them like: former TV infomercial Don Lapre, NBC's Last Comic Standing winners John Heffron and Alonzo Bodden, Joel Comm, Jonathan Budd, Carrie Wilkerson, Mark Joyner, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr Joe Rubino, and others. Having their endorsement or working with them has proven to be beneficial for me, and it can for you as well. You can listen to any of the interviews at:

Write Articles...Write good and useful articles that newspapers, magazines, Internet news sources, small business and MLM publications and online ezines can publish. They are always looking and in need of good articles.  They always give you credit and list your contact information. Hey, maybe you can even write a chapter in somebody’s book, like this resource manual I wrote, which started out as a chapter in Dr. Joe Rubino’s popular book, “The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing.” (You can even get software that will spin one articles into hundreds of similar articles and then submit them automatically to dozens of online websites that will show them to their readers for you for free. 

TIP:  Past or Formal education do NOT matter. Desire, Passion, Commitment and Consistent effort do.

Business to Business...Although this (and many of these methods of prospecting for that matter) is not for everyone, it may be for you or some in your group.  Make it a point to drop off samples and information on your business and products for 2 to 4 hours every day you have available. Hit all size businesses and make a call back in a few days. This idea could generate sales and also help you find several top business partners over time. "Consistency" is the key with any of these methods of prospecting. Don't expect to do it a couple times and retire.


Want Success and Freedom?  How bad?  The important question is, how bad do you want your FREEDOM?  Are you willing to do whatever (keeping it ethical and legal) it takes to earn it? Basically meaning some HARD WORK!! great place to make "local" contacts for your business. Do a Google search locally.

Organize Business Breakfasts and Luncheons...Invite local business leaders and people with a great attitude, good contacts and friendly personality.  Offer to pay for their meal and more people will show up. I know a gal who was very successful using this system.  She would send out postcards to a few hundred people and “qualify” them when they responded to her by phone, to make sure they were interested and not just coming for a free meal.  I have heard others who tried it with little or no success. I would guess these people just did not have a system of qualifying their prospects like the gal I talked to. 


Facebook "Ads"...For a fair cost per click you can target market the kinds of prospects or customers you want on Facebook. Head on over there to check it out.

YouTube "Promo" Ads...Video marketing and prospecting is super hot right now and if done right, a great way for you to build virtually any business fast. You can pay "per-click" at YouTube to have your videos seen by a targeted audience. See the "Promoted Videos" information at for details.

Search Engine Placement...Many people use the Internet to find information. In fact, it’s  the most popular way for people who are looking, to find something. Why shouldn’t they find your information among the first page or two?  A huge percentage of the people looking for something on the Internet use a search engine such as Yahoo or Google to find it.  If you can get a placement on the first couple pages you are saving loads of cash on advertising while thousands and thousands of potential business partners or customers see your listing every month.  I have picked up some "really" good networkers this way.

College Students...This untapped market has Awesome potential. Find one motivated student at a few colleges and your business couldexplode.  Start out going to local colleges, then expand thru ads in their college newspapers or any advertising you can do on their college related web sites and radio or TV stations.  Maybe contact the marketing departments for sharp students looking for ways to make extra money.

Sizzle Cards (also called Drop Cards)...This is a method of prospecting that virtually anybody can do. You put a powerful message on a business card (like, MAKE UP TO 10K A MONTH, PART-TIME. And your sizzle call number or website, and contact info) that you leave on atms, phone booths, gas pumps, at video stores, in magazines, restrooms, newspaper machines, convenience stores (pay them to set up a little counter stand), apartment buildings (first part of the week), post office, everywhere. If you put out a lot of cards "consistently" (like 1,000 to 2,000 a week) you will get prospects. 

Please Help Me Out...Send friends and business associates several of your business cards and ask them to help you by passing them out.  Why not?  Even do this a couple times a year.  It wouldn’t hurt to give them a nice little gift (maybe from your company) for helping you out.  Keep in mind, just one good person can be worth thousands of dollars a month in on-going “residual” income to you for years to come. In fact, one good person can be worth over a million dollars to you in your lifetime.


The 2x4 Method…You gently slap your friends “up-side-the-head" with a wooden 2x4 and tell them they “have” to join you or buy your product.  I wrote this one just to see if you're actually reading these.  lol


Tip Well and Leave Your Card...Friendly waitresses and waiters can make great business partners and work-at-homers. Leave a sample and business information. If you want a better response, talk to them briefly about your business first.  And make sure you tip them well.

As a “Premium”
...Can businesses use your products or samples to promote their own business by giving them away with a purchase of whatever they sell?  If so, this may be a good approach for you to try.

Go Door to Door...If you like people, why not try doing the old "door to door" from home to home method of building your business?

Matchbooks...Have your ad printed on matchbooks and distribute them for free to bars and restaurants to give to their customers.  Works with glass coasters too.

Classified Ads...Place small classified ads in local, regional and national papers and magazines. As with all advertising, unless you’re using a generic ad that does not mention the name of the product or company you work with, make sure to get company approval or use their approved ads.  And of course, ALWAYS “test” a small inexpensive ad before you spend big money on more ads. If the small ad produces good results, try more small ads and continue to expand as your advertising budget allows. If it doesn’t work, you can tweak it and see if a new headline or copy works any better. Remember never to make any income or product claims or promises.

Display Ads...Unless you can make a really good display ad or one is supplied, make sure you have a professional copywriter/designer create your ad. Get company approval if necessary. Test market it before going crazy. Always try to get your ad in the upper right hand “outside” column of the paper, if you can.  Usually the closer to the front of the paper or magazine the better. There are complete courses on writing ads and strategies for placement so I won’t go into that in this book.

Business Opportunity "Forums"...Do a Google search for some. Just type “business opportunity forums” in the Google search engine search box.  Once there, look around and see who you can present the products, service and opportunity to.


Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)...If your company and products would work out for non-profit organizations, this may be a fantastic way for these NPO’s to raise much needed funds.  If your company has a residual "on-going" income, their support can grow and grow year after year. This method of marketing your products, service, and opportunity could be huge for you as well as them. Everybody wins.


Radio Ads...Here you could go with 30 or 60 second ads, 2 minute ads or 30 minute infomercials. A couple friends of mine have done "extremely" well using radio infomercials.  If your company does not provide them, you can have them produced at smaller radio stations fairly inexpensively.  The cost to run them can be expensive, however, so if you choose to market your business this way, test before you take the plunge into deep financial waters.  I also voice and produce complete commercials.  See  for info and a 50% OFF (Limited-Time) SPECIAL. 

TIP: “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure."   ~ Colin Powell


Radio Show...Have your own 30 or 60 minute radio show at a local radio station. Maybe it’s a "home-business" show where you have guests and plug your own products and business opportunity during the commercial breaks. If you get really popular, maybe you could even syndicate regionally or possibly nationally. There's a great book on the subject called, "How to Create and Distribute Your Own Radio Talk Show For FAME and Profit," by Alexis Dawes.

Internet Radio Show...With modern technology you can now set up your own radio show that broadcasts internationally to anyone with a computer. Check with: or www.WebmasterRadio.FM or  Also, a good friend from my home town developed an awesome radio station for the home: 

Podcasting... Podcasting is really hot and growing.  Get started at iTunes and Stitcher.  Guys like John Lee Dumas, Michael Hyatt and Pat Flynn have free training.  Find him online.

Radio Show Guest...Be a guest on local or national radio shows. Send your bio and cover letter to radio shows and follow up with a phone call and try to get interviews.


Free to DJ’s...Offer free product to DJ’s to use and give away to their listeners. Depending on the cost of your product or service, this can be a very low cost way to advertise and get the local celebrity’s endorsement.


Trick or Treat… Hand out your flyer with candy to the little cuties coming to your door.  I guarantee that their parents will look at the flyer. A nice and inexpensive way to get seen by a couple hundred prospects from your neighborhood.


Golf Tees Get your web site printed on golf tees and give them to golfers and golf clubs in the area.

“Real-Time” Leads... This can be a decent way to build your business but it takes getting on the phone and some money to get started.

Postcards or Letters to Local Small  Businesses
...These are entrepreneurs who many times are looking to make extra money, especially this day and age. Best if you can call them too.

Postcards or Letters to Friends, Business Opportunity Seekers and Network Marketers...Include a sample or two of your product if that’s possible, so they can try it while reading about it. If it will fit in an envelope, it makes it a "lumpy" package in which the prospect will want to open and see what you sent them. The "curiosity factor" working for you here. Some people even staple a $1 or $5 to the marketing letter and tell the prospect it’s for them for taking the time to read it. You should lead them to your 24/7 recorded message and/or web site. Then direct them back to you for more information, a 3-way call upline, and to join your income opportunity or purchase products. Of course it's a great idea to always make your own follow up call.

Restaurants...Approach small and medium sized, privately owned restaurants with the idea of selling your product to their customers. Besides the retail profits, the owners or managers may be interested in the "network marketing compensation" as well.  You could develop a complete marketing system for them to use such as table cards, ads for their menu and message board, social networking ads for their Facebook, Twitter and other local online web pages. etc.


Charity Raffles… Donate products for these.  Make sure they have all of your contact information so they can mention that and give you free advertising.  See if they'll allow you to be present during the event so you can sell your products, too.


Trade Shows...Set up a booth at product related  or business opportunity trade shows. This is a way to get your information and samples to hundreds of targeted people fast. I heard of one man who sold $8,000 in coffee at a one day event. People were lining up to pay up to $3 a cup (his cost was only 50 cents per cup) and he sold loads of other product also.


Tip: The greater Success we desire, the better our Attitude better be. 


Motivate Your Life


Attend Trade Shows...This method of prospecting involves you attending trade shows and going from booth to booth handing out samples and information on your products and business to the people running the booths. Obviously you want to have a little small talk, see if there is an interest and get their business card for follow up. Follow up is ultimately important and should be done within a few days of the initial contact. a FUN little break now, come visit my fun and informative newscast/blog for home-based business owners.


The “Puppy-Dog” Close…Here’s an old one that has worked for decades and still works today.  It’s called the "puppy-dog close" because you send your product home with the prospect to see if they like it, no obligation.  You will take it back if they don’t like it.  Like the person who takes a puppy home, after a few days, hopefully they don’t want to give it back.  If you have a good product, this will work very well.

Beauty Salons / Tanning Salons...I have a friend who made a lot of money by getting a diet cookie into beauty salons. His largest one month check was about $306,000.  This was in the early 1990's. He even went to the beauty supply distributors.  These beauticians have a trust relationship with many of their regular customers and can give them information and samples to take home if they want to build the business thru their customers. Or, they can just retail the products to their customer base.  A gal on my team in a business sells loads of a products at her beauty salon.


Auto Dealers…Can local car dealers offer your stuff to anyone who takes a test drive?  What about an oil change?  Get creative.  Also, make friends with the salesmen while you’re there, they are outgoing and usually know a lot of like-minded people and could be an asset to your business.


Travel Guide…If your city has a local travel guide, this may be a good way to reach locals, new residents and out of town visitors. Place an inexpensive ad and see what happens.

Post-it Notes...Have a rubber stamp made that says something like, Make up to $5,000 a MONTH, part-time from home. Go to: (your web site or phone message) and then, Contact (Your name and number/email). Next, stamp this on post-it notes and the place on car windows right above the driver’s door handle where they will see it when they are getting into the car. Do not place it on the windshield.


Kiosks in Malls...Check with your company on this first. This could be a super way to build your business fast, both thru retail sales and for contacting prospects as new distributors. You could run this with other local distributors so you could take turns running the kiosk. Another twist, maybe you can find other kiosk owners who are already doing business, with non-competing products, who would like to carry your  products in their kiosks.

"Insert" in Local Papers...Many papers allow you to insert your flyer in their paper.  Make sure to get all marketing pieces approved or use the company's approved materials.

Let me Knowif you have any ways to find new prospects  that we have not mentioned in this resource guide.  We will continue to add them as they develop, so check back often.


Welcome Wagon Reps...Get the local "Welcome Wagon" lady and other welcoming businesses to pass out your product samples or brochures. Make sure your contact information is on them.  These outgoing folks would make great business partners, too.

Billboards...Why not? Get creative. Make it catchy and keep the ad "Very" short (like under 10 words) so people can read it while driving by. Make sure to drive them to your web site like I do on most of my advertising.

Coffee Distributors...These guys are already selling to hundreds of businesses, why not see if they have an interest in your food related product?  Or, if you have any kind of product or service that their customers could use.


High School Yearbooks…Put your ad in the local high school year books. It “will” be seen by a lot of people.


High School Sporting Events…Place your ads in their flyers and brochures. What about their food booths? You’re supporting a local program as well.


College and Technical Events…Place your advertisement in their flyers and brochures and reach young adults super fast.



College and Technical School Bulletin Boards…Get your sharp looking business cards and flyers out there for the students (and teachers) to see.  Maybe offer something for free to get them to contact you.  Young people are really starting to run with many of the home-based businesses so I suggest you not overlook this fast growing, huge market.


College and Technical Newspapers…Run ads looking for sharp business-minded students wanting to make extra money in their spare time to help pay for school.


TIP: Brilliant minded people talk about Ideas.  
         Average minded people talk about Things. 
         Small minded people talk about Each Other.

Whom do you choose to be?


Church Bulletins…Some churches sell you ad space in their Sunday handouts. Check it out in your city.


Local Theatre (and other Arts)…Place your ad in their programs.  Maybe offer their actors or the director some free products.


Local Bands… Pay local bands to promote your web site and business during their gigs.  They have a following that listens to them.  Sign the band into your business, or just pay them to advertise. Maybe they'll even let you set up a table at their gigs.


Local Drama Troops and Comedians...Again, sponsor (pay) local drama troops, comedians, and the like to advertise your business. They could have a poster at their events and also talk about your business and products as well. 


Magic Trick…Not for everyone but if you like close-up magic tricks, do one for prospects and hand them your business card when you’re done.  Tell them that the business opportunity is magical, too.  You could get creative and work your product or opportunity into the trick somehow.



Mini Sites…Mini web sites have become somewhat popular.  Usually they are 1 or 2 page web sites that you drive traffic to.  They work similar to a landing or lead capture page by capturing the prospects contact info., but are an all-inclusive website in 1 to 3 pages. 


Job Fairs…Your local chamber of commerce should have a listing of these.  Not every attendee is looking for an “opportunity” but some will be keen on the idea of making extra money from home and the tax advantages of owning a home-based business.  All are most likely looking to better their current situation.


Hotels LobbiesSee if your local hotels and motels will let you leave “freebie” samples in their lobby for guests.  This could get costly if theft occurs, which in many establishments it will. Now if you had a business partner who worked there, that would be ideal. Sometimes these places have a display board in there specifically for information. At minimum leave your business or sizzle cards or brochures.


A Double PartyOrganize a home party with another area distributor from a non-competing company. If it works, rinse and repeat.


Door Hangers...You hang 'em or hire somebody to do it. Remember, however, that the phone or in-person prospecting is almost always more powerful than putting out flyers, door hangers, etc.  This is simply a  way to get people to call you or check out your sizzle call or web site, and then when they call you for more information or to join, you get to start the actual process of relationship building so you can sort out who you want to work with.


TIP: Remember to Always continue to BUILD YOUR LIST!! Your "LIST" = MONEY! 


Nick Hetcher…I will do a professional custom mp3 audio voice-overfor your business or phone message for you. I have voiced about 5,000 radio, TV, websites, sizzle calls, and email ads since 1980.  You can hear samples and get pricing at: (50% OFF SPECIAL right now for a limited-time)

Hotel Billboards
...Both the large ones outside and now the small ones inside in the lobby can usually be rented.  Since people from all parts of the country and world stay in hotels, this is a way to expand your business nationally, even internationally. You can get more for your money if you do regular meetings/trainings there.


Doctor’s Offices...Leave samples and information.  Follow up with the receptionist, nurses and doctors, whoever may have an interest in your products or opportunity.

The "Business Opportunity in a Box"...Try putting a couple samples and a good looking, powerfully written marketing piece in a box and wrapping it like a gift. Then give it to sharp people. People love to get gifts, right? Who knows, maybe this could be a winner for you.

Coffee and Donut Shops...Don’t forget to talk shop and hand out cards at your local coffee shop.  People from all walks of life hang out at these popular places.  This can be a great resource for on-going leads for your business.


Tip: Make the "Phone" your best friend.  Learn how to use it well and it will make you rich. It just may be your most valuable resource.


Health Clubs...Could be a hot one, especially if you sell health related products. Don’t just talk to the members, approach the club manager or owner.  A friend of mine sponsored a new health club that has plans to have 200 clubs in the next 5 years. You never know, this one contact could end up being his retirement plan.

Hire a Model...Hire a professional model (one with personality, not just good looks) who passes out samples and your business cards or flyers. They could walk from business to business, door to door, or wherever people gather, such as at trade shows.


Auto MagnetsPut a huge colorful magnet on the sides or back of your vehicle.  Make sure they are easy to read (usually not more than 6 to 8 words) and send people to your web site and/or a recorded message. Or, directly to you, but a web site or recorded message can “qualify” the time wasters/tire kickers for you before you spend the time talking to them live.  Make sure you request their contact information and interest level. Once you identify that they actually do have an interest, you can talk to them live.  Spending time with the “interested” people is the best use of your time and “time” is one of your most valuable assets.  Who can really afford to waste it? 

FREE Home-based Business "LITMUS TEST"...Before you work another day in your current business or start a new one, you MUST ask yourself these very IMPORTANT questions.  It could save (and make) you a lot of money, plus save you loads of time!

Window Stickers...Again, this is Free advertising everywhere you drive.  In larger cities your ad can be read by as many as 3,000 or more potential customers and prospects every day your vehicle is on the road.  That’s up to a million times a year.  Can you afford not to advertise this way?  A local print shop should be able to help you fairly inexpensively.  Just make sure to keep the ad short (6 to 8 words or less).


Bumper Stickers…They won’t get seen as much as window stickers but for the nominal cost are worth getting. Just promote your web site.


Chamber of Commerce Contacts, Etc...Great contacts can be found at civic organizations.  There are many to choose from; Lions, Eagles, Elks, Raccoons, etc.  Join one or more.  Make friends and hand out cards.  Repeat.  Follow up. Don’t pass this goldmine of local contacts up.


Ad on Back of Grocery Receipts...Another way to reach people from all walks of life.  And, if you’re the only home-based business opportunity or product offered, you will stand out and get noticed. Make sure your ad has a powerful thought-provoking headline so people will feel the need to call you or go to your web site. 


Local Concerts… Your community probably sponsors local concerts in the park.  See if you can get a sign or booth.  Also, you could pass out cards and flyers to the crowds.

Vending Machines...Maybe you have samples or small products that will fit in "snack" machines. You could even offer the “business opportunity” in these machines, too. I know that’s a stretch but why not think outside the box?  It may work for you. Bring in the local vending company as a distributor or work out a deal to give them your products really cheap (even at the wholesale cost) if they’ll let you attach your business opportunity information to each packet.

Bars...Bars owners and bartenders know a lot of people, personally.  They are usually friendly people with influence. Talk to some of these folks and see if they are open to making extra “residual” money. This is an income they can build while they go about their regular business and if something should ever happen to their bar business, they would have your business income still coming in.


Go Ape...Ever think of dressing up in costume to promote your business? Hey, why not? Maybe dress up like an ape.  Or maybe you choose to be a clown. has a cool "Ape Suit" for around $99 or so that you could use to promote your business. Or, rent one from a local costume shop.


Tip: Enjoy Your Work. Look at work as an extension of your life.  Enjoy it greatly but NEVER put it ahead of God and family on your priority list.


City Busses...Somewhat costly but loads of exposure everyday.  This could be a fun way to "brand" yourself all around town and develop your business at the same time. Branding oneself is extremely important in business.  I'm doing it with this prospecting manual.  What are you doing, or going to do to brand YOU?  Make it fun. Make it memorable.


Door Opener for Home Sales Companies...Vacuum cleaner sales people could get in more homes if they offered free samples for letting them in the home. Maybe you can work out a deal with a local direct sales company who goes door to door and need a cool new product or service as a door opener.  And who knows, maybe the sales company owner will join you in your business also. Instant sales team.


Kids Stickers… Have your web sites printed on kid's stickers and pass at events where lots of families gather.

Offer Free Product to Local Business Functions...Why not call local business groups like the JC’s, Optimists, Eagles, Moose, Ants, Lion’s Club, etc. and offer them free samples  for their next get-together. Maybe they'll even let you set up a table or even speak to the group. Of course you'll want some advertising in exchange for the samples.  Try to sign up the group.


Free ~ Renters and Automobile Magazines… Advertise in these.  Most cities have them and they get read.

Free Product Delivery Service...Unless you don’t want to get into the “delivery” service of course. Run an ad in the paper and drop flyers off door to door offering delivery for your hottest products to local business, and even homes. You could even offer the first couple samples for free. Then, as your route is building you can invite your customers to buy it wholesale and even join you in business possibly. Why not be the first in your town?

Auctions...Ask auctioneers if you can set up a product stand at their auctions and cut them in on the profits. Imagine signing a few of these "loud mouths" into your business as well.

Your Email Signature...Of course.  That’s the little message you see under a person’s name and contact information on people’s email.  It’s free advertising to everybody you send an email to and those they forward it to.  You will want to make it attractive and give the person a good reason to click on your website, lead capture page, or blog link.  Maybe you’re offering something of value for free.  Then, you capture their name and email address for follow up or you up-sell them on something of greater value.

Specialty Advertising...Put your ad on pens, coffee mugs, magnets, etc. and hand out with product samples. 

Apparel Advertising...Display your ad on clothing you wear.. You can also give it away or sell it to your customers to wear. Up to 50% discount at: (Ask for my buddy "Jim Moskal" and he'll get you set up right and has some fantastic deals and ideas to help you. Please tell Jim I sent you).… Still can be a good place online to make friends, and friends can become business partners and customers, right?  


Google, FaceBook, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, etc) "Instant Messaging"…There are entire courses on how to build your business using "Instant Messaging" exclusively. Do a Google search and compare a couple. 

The Taste Challenge...If you have a drink or edible product you can drop off some samples to small businesses. Make sure you leave information on the benefits of your products and how they can contact you for more product and information. Follow up in a few days or so after dropping the product off and don’t forget to mention the business opportunity that you can help them build. You could do this same prospecting method with "friends" also.


At the Beach...You could pass out hundreds of business cards, flyers or samples in a matter of minutes at the beach, or anywhere people gather for that matter.  Is this what people mean when they say they want to retire on the beaches of the world?  Watch out for land-sharks. ;-)


“Body” Billboards…I “think” I made this one up but then maybe somebody else is doing this one already, I just have not seen it done on the beaches in Wisconsin during our 11 days of summer. You could wear a t-shirt advertising your products, service or business opportunity, or a sign draped over your shoulders so your ad shows in front and back, or even more fun and creative and probably eye catching would be to…yeah, you guessed it, have large, non-permanent, colorful ads tattooed on your chest and back. Thinking out of the box a bit.  Being different like this gets attention and that is exposure to your business and products, and that means more money to you.  Just be careful what you “expose.”


Taxi Cabs...If you are taking a cab somewhere, leave a few cards in the taxi. Many sharp business people will ride in that cab the same day after you and who knows, one of them might really jump all over your product and/or business opportunity.


Tip: 2T3YTT&UFF.......Two to Three Years to Total and Undeniable Financial Freedom. 

(Work your business HARD for two to three years and WATCH YOUR DREAMS COME TO LIFE)


Taxi Cab Drivers…I prospected a cab driver on a trip to Los Angeles a few years ago and he was very receptive to my offer.  He was a former school principle in New York city and making good money with his own cab but also working long hours.  He was friendly and talked to loads of business people everyday.  Imagine getting a small cab company owner to join you in business.


Google "Ad Words"...This has become a popular way to find new business.  Many Internet marketers use Google Ad Words successfully.  If you’re not familiar with these, you definitely should be.  Yahoo has the same thing.


Write your Own Book...Hey, it’s obvious I’m not a professional writer, but nevertheless I wrote this book anyway and you’re reading it.  You too can write your own book.  Charge a fee for it or offer it free and use it to build a list of business partners or prospects that you can do business with.  Or, much easier, you can offer this Free book, just send people to  to get their copy just like you did.  Just make sure you don’t promise the moon in your promotions.  Keep it real and believable and you will do much better and not upset your company. > VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: As you can see, I heavily promote marketing tools,,, a business opportunity or three, and send out auto responders that offer the same stuff...So, if you don't want your "team" being contacted by me - Do NOT refer them to this book or my websites!!!


"Insert" in Papers...Many newspapers allow you to insert your flyer in their paper.  Get all marketing pieces approved by your company or use their approved materials.





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Unique Web Sites…Set up your own “unique” generic marketing web site that you can use to promote whatever you want.  If it’s done well, it can also brand you as leader and people want to work with leaders.  I have several, such as:


Publish a Newsletter (or Blog)... (even a small magazine)…If you promote your newsletter properly and have valuable content, this could establish you as a leader people want to work with.  You can do this online, or offline, or both.


Start a Local Business "Mastermind" Group...Call your business-minded friends and start a small group.  Maybe even advertise it in the local paper or thru a press release.  Then you can exchange ideas and contacts with the other members.  And, don’t forget to prospect them for your business and products.


Set up a Roadside Stand...People in my part of the Midwest set up roadside stands for things like fireworks in the summer; and corn, tomatoes, apples and other fruits and vegetables in the summer and fall.  If your products have mass appeal, you may want to give a roadside stand a try.  Or, why not approach roadside stand owners and see if they would be interested in selling your products.  The advantage here is that they already have the established location and clientele.  You don’t make as much profit per sale but you also don’t have to spend the money getting set up in a roadside business and long hours working your stand.


Maids are People tooWell of course they are and many are wanting another source of income.  Leave your information behind at hotels you stay in.  Make sure you leave a nice tip too, otherwise don’t even think they will look at your stuff.


Reverse Market to Telemarketers...Instead of getting on the national telephone “do not call” list, why not encourage those calls from telemarketers and try to recruit these folks into your business.  Many of them are under-paid and looking for something better.  And, they are already trained to work the phone.  Make your pitch to them really short and sweet with the intention of getting them to check out "another" opportunity or a “better” opportunity, yours.


Go After the 1 and 2 Uppers…The guys and gals who work in the “Australian 1-up and 2-up programs” are very hard workers who pound the phones building their business.  Get a couple of them in your business and watch it take off. Where does one find them?  Well, start by looking in one of the network marketing magazines. Ask around. Do a Google search.  They are everywhere.


Automated Phone Dialers…Automated dialers are an effective way to reach masses of prospects fast.  Rather than buying your own expensive systems, you can find companies who take care of this for you.  You just upload your list and press a button and everybody is called in a short period of time.  Costs are pretty low these days.  Some list companies sell lists of people who have asked to be contacted and are “expecting” your call on a business opportunity. 


Predictive Dialers…These dialers dial 3 or 4 people at a time from your computer and you talk to the first person who answers the phone live.  For the person who wants to get a hold of a lot of people fast and isn’t afraid to talk to lots of people, this can be a very effective way to build a business fast.  


Saturday Phone Blitz...With this one you and a few others in your group (if you have a group already formed that is. Or you can do it alone), commit to making prospecting calls one Saturday morning a month.  Don’t forget to have fun. 


Tip: Develop a "Plan of Action" to introduce at least 20 people every week to the opportunity

and products.  Then execute it week after week, don't quit, and watch your success come alive.


Contact MLM Genealogy Lists...As you may know, these are lists of people who have prior experience in the network marketing / home-based industry so you don’t have to explain the benefits of working from home or the attraction and power of an on-going "residual" income.  Now instead of buying a genealogy list, you can make your own, and in just minutes get thousands of targeted leads. Do a Google search for one. Or, get a hold of me and I may be able to direct you.


MLM and Business Opportunity Seeker Message Boards...Do a Google or Yahoo search on a phrase similar to: MLM and Business Opportunity Seeker Message Boards” and you’ll come up with places to make new contacts of people who are open to making more money.  Then go there and make friends with some of these folks.  Never, Never forget.. “relationships” are what success in this industry is all about.  Learn how to be a friend to enough people and the money will usually follow.


Coupon BooksYou know those thick little local coupon books?  Would your product, service or opportunity be a good fit?  If so, consider giving it a try, if it fits into your ad budget and your company approves.  Or, maybe team up with another distributor or two from your company and split the costs with them.


Ads in "Trade" Publications...Placing ads in trade publications relating to the home-based income industry can result in a few leads to several.  It can be costly as well and you usually have to wait a month or two after you pay for your ad before it’s read.  On the bright side, small classified ads can be tested inexpensively and seen by hundreds and even thousands of people who are looking to make money from home.  Larger ads cost more but obviously are seen easier and give you more credibility, if they are professional in art lay-out and content.  Make sure you follow your company’s policies and procedures for any kind of advertising. 


Organize a Local Business “Pie” Meet...Offer prospects a place to meet you for “pie.”  You buy.  Invite several.  Like they say, “a way to a man’s pocketbook is through his stomach.”  Ok, maybe I twisted the original quote but you hear what I’m saying, feed them and they will come. You could organize this with other people in your group or do it solo. Make sure they know ahead of time that you’ll be talking about an income opportunity.


Be a special speaker…At local civic group’s breakfasts, luncheons or dinners.  Offer valuable information they can use and then give a brief two minute “commercial” for your company if you are allowed to. Usually you are.


Tip Well and Leave Your Card...with the friendly waiter or waitress at the restaurant. Leave a sample (if possible) and business information about your company, team leadership and product line.  Even a business card will work better than nothing.  If you want a better response, talk to them very briefly about your products and business opportunity first so they are more encouraged to check it out. All the better if you can get their contact information for follow up later.

, many of these methods of prospecting allow you some nice tax deductions that can amount to hundreds and even thousands of dollars in your pocket every year. Make sure to consult an accountant who knows all about small home-based business deductions. Do NOT just rely on that, however, get information from a “home-business” tax expert who can usually get you more money back, many times substantially more. Tax breaks are reason enough for virtually every working person to have a home-based business.

As a "Premium"...If you have a product or service that is inexpensive, or samples for that matter, you may want to use them to “give-away” as a premium to get people to buy your more expensive product or service.  Or, if you’re dealing online, a free “report” (with valuable content) can be used to entice people to check out your offer, opportunity or service.  Or, using a free report (that can be sent electronically and costs you virtually nothing) can be used to get people to sign up for your email list.  "Building a targeted list" is for building long-term profits. You can use this book as a premium (Remember, I market to EVERYONE who gets my book so do NOT send people here who you do not want to be contacted by me and my offers). Read about how to do that at the end of this book.


Go Door to Door...If you like people, why not try doing the old "door to door" from home to home method of building your business.  Years ago, this was very popular and it can still work today.  Don’t underestimate this method of prospecting. If you’re under 18 or over 98 years old you should take a strong parent with you so nobody nabs you off the street. ;-)

Phone Cold-Call Lists...This is one you may consider, if you’re good on the phone that is.  It’s a free way to prospect locally.  You would need a mass appeal product or service.  Just start calling out of the local phone book.  Another way to do this would be to hire somebody to make the calls for you and pay them either by the sale or hour, or a combination.  With an unlimited long distance calling plan you can do this nationally and even into Canada from the US. 

Start a “Local” Home-Based Business Club...Invite everybody you know who is involved (or has interest) in a home-based business.  Ask them to invite their friends who may be interested also.  This could be an invaluable way to meet new contacts for future business partnerships and learn or share tips and ideas with others in your community with similar interests. 


Start a “National” Home Business Club…Same as above only done on phone conference lines, live video streams, or in webinars.


Beverage Coaster Ads…Inquire at local bars and restaurants about placing your ad on their beverage coasters.  A local printer can make these up for you inexpensively.  You would give the bar and restaurants them for free.  Or, you could find a printer by doing a Google or Yahoo search of course.


TV ContestsOffer your products or services as a give-away for TV contests.  This can give you great local or regional exposure quickly and for probably much less than an ad campaign would cost you.


Income and Business Opportunity “Forums”...Do an online  search for forums. Just type, “business opportunity forums,” or “biz-opp forums,” and the like, into the search box at Google or Yahoo or whatever search engine you normally use. Look around and see who you can present the opportunity to.  Always have a powerful “signature” file (the little “advertisement line” you see below people’s name in their emails or posts in forums) so others who learn from your posts can contact you for more information and a possible business partnership. Abide by their rules and these places can become a nice free source of fresh new "targeted" prospects.


GymsCan local workout centers use your products?  Maybe they can offer them to all new signups.  Maybe just to give-away as a goodwill gesture.  Maybe they will want to sell your products to all of their members. Some of these have multiple gyms and you could have hit pay-dirt. Try the local schools and YMCA, too.


TIP: Talk About the MONEY.  Prospects want to hear about the money they can make.  They want to feel secure that "this" is the business that will give them their "Time" and "Financial" FREEDOM!!  Never forget, inside they're screaming, "Show Me the Money."


Refrigerator MagnetsGet your business card made into a magnet and pass it out (with a sample if that’s possible) to people.  Then they will see your information on a regular basis, not just one time. (Spaced repetition erodes competition).

Local “Infomational” TV ChannelPlace an inexpensive ad on your local channel and see if it works.  People do actually read these I guess.  I have.


Local Business GiftsContact all shapes and sizes of businesses locally and offer to give them samples of your products to their employees as a gift.  If they have lots of people this could get expensive and you may want to charge something for your samples if they are not inexpensive.


Internet Radio Show...With modern technology you can now set up your own radio show that broadcasts internationally to anyone with a computer. Check places like Blog-Talk-Radio and with Live365. I also have a friend who has created software to set up  your own station from home. Let me know if you want more information and I’ll get it to you.  This is a time-intensive project so make sure you’re ready to make the time necessary.


TV Ads...It can be costly to produce a TV ad but the end results may be worth the investment of time and money.  This is definitely an advanced method of prospecting that you would not want to use unless you have the finances, knowledge and support system in place.


TV Guest...Be a guest on local TV shows.  Be prepared and more importantly, be yourself.  It's great free exposure “if” you can get it.  You’ll probably need a different “slant” to catch their attention and want you as a guest and you may need your company’s approval if you don’t have your own product line.  Just make sure you don't make any medical or income claims or guarantees. 

TV Infomercials...If you’re an independent distributor for a company and they don’t have an infomercial in which you can share in the leads it generates, you could consider producing your own.  They are not cheap so you may want to team up with others from your company to share the expense.  I have a couple friends who have done extremely well with radio infomercials.  TV has even more power but obviously the cost is greater.  If you run your own show and have the advertising expense, this just might be the ticket to freedom.  Be careful and get all the knowledge of running a successful campaign first, before plopping down several thousand dollars.  This method of building your business is really more for the professionals who have the money to invest and experience to make it work.

Yard SaleHave a “product” yard sale.  Get rid of old junk in the process but it’s a great way to meet new contacts and customers for your business.  Potential customers come to you all weekend long for the price of a small classified ad in the paper and a few well placed signs. And, you just may run into a business partner as well.  Make sure you pass out your business cards and/or flyers and collect business cards from potential business partners. Then, of course proper follow up is key to your success as most of you already know!


Block PartyHere's a great way to meet new neighbors. Sponsor it, put up signs, a banner, pass out samples if you can, and business cards or flyers.  Make new friends to present your products and/or business opportunity to in the future.

Teach a Class...If you are gifted in a particular area, why not teach a class at your local technical school or college?  You will learn more yourself, improve your presentation skills, help others in your area, and make some business contacts and possibly sell some product in the process.

Tell A Friend...Use a "Tell-A-Friend" script (do a Google search to find one) to pick up extra prospects from people who visit any of your websites or blogs who want to tell their friends about you.

Misspelled Domain Names...Purchase misspelled domains names that  are similar to popular ones in your niche.  Then have them forward to your website.  An example would be - say you had a competitive  website to Google.  You would register domain names like : Foogle, Hoogle, Boogle, Toogle, etc.  This can be a great and very cheap way to pick up extra "targeted" traffic on a regular basis.


Parades...There are thousands of parades around the country and for the price of some flyers or business cards and a little of your time, you can get your message out to multiple thousands of people in a matter of a few hours.  You may want to take your kids or hire a few and pass out many more flyers in the same time.  And if you want to really go all out you could have a float.  Otherwise, you don’t need to be “in” the parade, just walk up and down the sidewalk passing out your information and samples if that’s feasible.


July 4th CelebrationsAgain, like parades, thousands of people are all gathering together in one central location. Massive prospects, personal marketing and getting a tan all at the same time…could you really ask for a better time? Oh yeah, and fireworks, too. 


SOI bet you never thought there were so many ways to find prospects, hey?  Don’t ever tell me you can’t find people for your products or opportunity, they are EVERYWHERE.  It’s just a matter of “consistently” looking for them over time.  It will not happen overnight in most cases.  It can happen very fast, however, with some of these methods and with some types of products.  Keep reading and discover what you feel will work best for you. Pick a "few" methods and execute them. Remember, Taking "Focused" and "Consistent" ACTION is really all that matters!!!

Yellow Pages Coupon SectionMost yellow pages have a coupon section now.  Would your products, service or opportunity be a good fit?  The yellow pages can be pretty expensive, so be careful. And, the Yellow Pages are not nearly as used as they were in the past. Speaking of the Yellow Pages, are you listed in the "online" Yellow Pages yet?


Email Blasts to “Opt-in” Lists...Make sure they are opt-in” (meaning that people requested information about a product or business opportunity). If you purchase this kind of list and are not sure if the list seller is legitimate or not, you may run into spam issues. Be very careful who you buy from. Get creative and test different "subject" lines and email content. This is a way to email to thousands of potential customers and/or new business partners, in a very short period of time, thus building your business much faster.  Never send these prospects directly to your company's website, send them to your capture page first. Check out the "Marketing" section at 


TIP: "Often a second rate idea vigorously carried out will succeed where a brilliant idea merely talked about is doomed to ignominy" 

      Brutus (one of Julius Caesar's assassins)


Ads in Network Marketing and Business Opportunity Publications...Classified or display ads. This is a great way to "target" your audience since the majority of these people are looking for a good income opportunity.


Ads in Online Publications...These are much like magazine ads, only instead these are “online” publications that offer advertising space. 


Solo Ads Online...Meaning a “solo” ad that some ezine (online magazine) publishers will send to their database.  Some information can be found at this website, or you can find some doing a search on Google or Yahoo.  Obviously, for best results, you would want to use a “targeted” list, in other words, a list of “like-minded” people who may be interested in your income opportunity and/or products.… An online Blogging service starting out at about $5.00 a month.… Overture has partnered with to deliver ads into several feeds, including Feedster has started placing sponsored links in their web site. They are a search engine for RSS feeds.


Invitations… allows you to send people Free invitations. 


Sponsored Links… Do a search on Google for “Google sponsored links” and see what’s available.… Moreover can deliver ads thru RSS.… BurstMedia has their own Blog advertising service that all together generate over 9 million page views a month.  Advertisers can choose to target by location or content.


Million Dollar Bill Business Cards...If you have not seen these yet, they are advertising pieces made to look like Million dollar bills.  Yeah, I know there ain’t no such animal but they look really cool and real anyway and they get people’s attention.  Put a strong marketing message on them and hand them out, mail them to folks or just leave on the floor in well traveled areas such as shopping malls, restaurants, or gas stations.


Top Sponsor Ads...These are little advertisements that get “top” placement such as at the top of their publication, usually in online newsletters or ezines.


Newsletter Ads...You can probably do a Google search and find Internet, affiliate and network marketing newsletters that allow people to advertise in.  Some may even be free but usually this type of free advertising on the Internet is not very effective.  Maybe better to pay a little and get a better response.


Ads in Health Publications...These can get to a large circulation fast.  And, of course you’ll probably get a better response if your products are health related. ;-)


Send Letters to Local Business Owners, Managers and Sales People...These are entrepreneurs who many times are looking to make extra money, or even move into a new career.  Best if you can "call" them as a follow up.


The Employee Lounge…See if you can arrange to set up a display table at local businesses, in their employee lounge. 


Restaurants...Approach small and medium sized, privately owned restaurants with the idea of selling to their customers.  Restaurant owners have loads of contacts.


Leader Boards...Sign up to a few of the newer (and even old) online MLM deals. Even a free sign up can benefit you with this method. Next, go to the "leader board" that is posted in many of these, and then find the top 25 or so online (thru Facebook, Twitter, Google search, etc) and make a connection with them. Do not pitch them right away, just make a connection in a natural way. Now, these are "players" and can become players in "your" organization someday. It doesn't take too many (even one in some cases) of these to help you build a big team, and income.

The Company DVD...Hand out the company DVD or better yet, have people over to your home and watch it together. It does the business presentation for you.  Serve snacks (or, popcorn) and a beverage. And, contrary to what some may say, if home meetings are done correctly and are fun, they are a fantastic way to build your business, fast. NOTHING beats the personal touch of meeting with people face to face.


Your “Own” Commercial on DVD or CD… Why not make up your own little commercial on audio or video and hand out to people?  Adds that “personal” touch.  Then you could help others in your group do one of their own.  Or, do a generic one that the entire group can use.


Company “Specific” Leads...Some lead generation companies offer leads that are specific to your company in which the prospect is aware of your company before you contact them.  This may make the recruiting process easier.  These company specific leads will usually be much more costly than generic leads, however.


Trade Shows...Set up a booth at health or business opportunity trade shows. This is a way to get your information and samples to hundreds of targeted people, fast.  Talking to them in person is more effective than print advertising alone.


Attend Trade Shows...This method of prospecting involves you attending trade shows such as health or business opportunity shows (or shows specific to your product line or service), and going from booth to booth and handing out product samples and/or information on your business, to the people running the booths. Obviously you'll want to have a little small talk first to see if there is an interest.  Make sure to get their business card for follow up. Follow up is ultimately important and must be done within the first few days to a week of initial contact for maximum effect.


Nail Salons…These have become very popular in recent years and should not be overlooked. Many of the people running these are tied into a circle of similar family and friends and can build a team rather fast.


Spas…Same as the above.


Airports…This is where you will find business people, right? Yeah, loads of them from all over the world.  Well, why not leave your flyer or cards in the rest rooms or at the phone booths or computer areas. Strike up conversations with people you meet and make sure you give them your card (and a sample if appropriate and cost effective) and get their business card or contact information, too.


The Glass Door Knob...What? Yep, I have two glass door knobs attached to each other. I picked them up in a hardware store. You carry it with you and when somebody asks you what it is, you tell them, "Oh this? It opens the door to opportunity. Glad you asked. If you could make an extra $300 to $3,000 or more a week/month in your spare time, would you want to hear more?" A little corny but can be fun and "open doors" for you.  I read about a gal who used this method and had some decent success.  Mine is sitting above my desk right now.  Guess I need to take it out more.


Windshield Flyers...Even use samples stapled to the flyer if it’s in a parking lot that you know has business type professionals who may be better business builders. You may want to get permission to do this.  Or, plead insanity later when the shopping mall calls you, which most likely they won’t.  Don’t blame me if they do.  ;-)


Everything has Risk. The question you see the “Risk in the Opportunity,” or do you see the “Opportunity in the Risk?” 

A Blog...If done properly and consistently, a blog can become one of your top online ways to build a business globally. It takes consistent work, however.

What is a "Blog" anyway, you may be asking? (Well, if you've been living under a rock, anyway. lol)

A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.

Your blog is whatever you want it to be. Text, audio, video or a combination of them. There are billions of them, in all shapes and sizes, and there are no real rules. In simple terms, a blog is a web site, where you write stuff on an ongoing basis. 

Blogs can be a very effective marketing and communication tool.  They are very popular.  See an example of one of mine which is a Marketing and Training Blog for home-based business people (I made this with

You can get hosting for your blog where I get mine starting at just $4.95 a month for unlimited blogs and 1-click auto install, from Hostgator.



Card Decks...Ever see those cellophane wrapped decks of postcards with all the ads for business opportunities?  They used to be very popular and without as much competition from other decks (since there are not as many now days), it may be worth checking into this form of reaching tens of thousands of prospects with a full color postcard for pennies each.  I tried this once several years ago and got a very favorable response that helped launch a successful opportunity for me.  I can’t say if it will work today for you or not.  The cost is usually several hundred dollar and goes  into the thousands.  Maybe you would want to co-op advertise with others on your team, if you chose to market your opportunity this way. 


The Egg Man...This may sound like a weird way to advertise but then again maybe not.  Call your local (or regional) egg distributor and see if they’ll print your ad on their egg cartons or put your flyer inside them.  A creative way to reach people while they’re still at home in the morning making breakfast and not yet being bomb-barded with advertisements. "I am the egg-man, I am the walrus...coocoocachew, coocoocachew..."


Yard SignPut up a yard sign advertising your business, especially if you live on a busy street.  The bigger and brighter the better.  Keep the verbiage to a bare minimum so people can read it while passing by in their car. It would be best to use a very simple and memorable website domain name.


“Welcome Wagon” Reps...And other local welcome services in your area.  These people are always looking for new freebie products and services to give to newcomers to the area.  What a great way for you to reach every new family in town.  And, don’t forget to try to recruit the Welcome Wagon hostess while you’re at it.


The Starbucks Technique...Here's a great way to meet new people on a regular basis. Basically, you hang out in a busy coffee shop like Starbucks every day for an hour or two. Sip your favorite beverage and do work as usual on your laptop. Where the prospecting comes in is that as the daily "regulars" start to notice and recognize you, they will become open to meeting you. This opens the line of communication to present your opportunity. It will take a couple weeks before it starts to work but try it, it works! 

Hot Air Balloons…Yes, the full-sized ones too, not just the mini ones.  You can really get your message and business up in the air this way.  It would pay to be a hot air balloon enthusiast already or this method of finding new prospects may be a bit on the pricy side. Or, you could possibly pay somebody who already owns one, to display your advertisement.   Again, it must be at a well populated event for greatest impact and ROI.


Billboards...Sure they are a bit costly but you sure can get great exposure and branding, and isn’t that what building your business is all about?  The more people you expose to your business the more money you can make.  This is not for everyone and you probably don’t want tostart with billboards. Some products and especially local service companies can benefit most from this form of advertising. Keep the ad simple with few words and use a simple domain name website.  In “most” cases, promoting your (easy to remember name) website is the best thing you can do.  Sell them on the “website” ONLY now and then let the website finish your message and sales pitch.  I am amazed how few business and people use this simple and very powerful marketing method of branding their website. 

Buildings / Barns
...Similar to billboards only your ad is placed on a barn or building.  Make sure with any billboard type of advertising that you use few words, that they can be easily read from a distance, it is attractive to the eye (professionally designed) and the message is powerful and to the point.  Again, key on your domain name (unless you are sending people to a local business that everybody knows about already, in which case you should promote and brand that name and the website).


TIP: The single secret to stimulate a ton of  word-of-mouth advertising comes from the Disney company which is--Try to find ways to do what you do so well and so uniquely that customers can't help but tell other people about you.


Sky Writing...Ok, so this one is highly unusual but it sure got Dorothy's attention in the Wizard of Oz, didn’t it?  You would only want to do this if you had a strong message or easy to remember website address and the audience was huge, such as at a football game where tens of thousands of people would see your ad. Prior and Follow up ads in the local paper, radio or TV could work well with this method of reaching new people. A costly advertising campaign to be sure.  But memorable. Best to contact a airplane company, and not a wicked old witch for this form of marketing.

Sponsor a Local Sports Team… A great way to support local people and get your name out there fairly inexpensively.  Get the team members some free sample, too, so they can get word out about you, your products, and your opportunity to all of their friends.


Small Roadside Signs...This is one in which you have a small inexpensive (light plastic works best) signs made up by a local printer and place in people’s yards or on trees or telephone poles. You may want to check first with your city to see if you need approval or a license). Poles by stop signs seem to work best since people see them easier and come to a stop and have the time to read it.  If putting in somebody’s yard, you would obviously want to get their approval beforehand.  I know of a guy who had very good success with this.  He would always have about 100 signs up around town and would get 20 to 40 new interested prospects calling him every week.


Reverse Email...In this method you just email the people who are emailing you.  You can be subtle and respond to them and let your “signature file” do the marketing for you, or you can be bold and hit them straight-on with your offer.  This can work with people you know and also with those people who are trying to sell you something.  You know these people are already aggressive so get one or two of them on your team and you may have another nice income stream started.  Save them in a file and prospect them every 60 to 90 days, the time period that many people last in an MLM company and are looking for a new opportunity. Personally, I find it best to be polite and let my signature do the reverse selling.  I have found that many times a soft-sell approach (building a "friendship") works best for me now days.


Internet "Powerline"...Some groups of people build their business thru what’s called a “powerline.”  How this works is that when you join the powerline (usually for free at first) you are placed under the last person who joined. Then the very next person who joins is placed under you and so on, everybody is placed straight down in one line.  Then the owner of the powerline software, who is in some sort of home-based business, lets everyone know that they have a certain amount of time to “upgrade” to a paid position, thus creating an urgency for many in the powerline to also upgrade or lose the people in their downline of this powerline who do upgrade.  I have been involved in a few powerlines in the past and it did not work for me so I can’t attest to its legitimacy but I guess it works for a few, usually those who got in first at the top, from what I hear.  The problem with this kind of team building is that people act out of fearthat they may lose something and these people usually do not last long in the opportunity.  It is not nearly as strong as the old fashion way of building a “relationship” with people, where your organization will stick together much better.  If there are good powerlines out there, I guess I just have not found one yet that works for the masses.  Maybe more training on building the relationships after the powerline is built would be helpful.


Press Releases...If your company has a pre-written press release that you can place in your local or regional publications, get your hands on it and get it to as many publications as you can.  Press releases are free advertising and the majority of the time are perceived as more believable and trustworthy than paid advertising.  If they don’t have one, write your own and get the company’s approval.  Radio stations may announcement them as well as newspapers, so don’t overlook them.  I have used and with some success with online releases.


Ads in local "TV" Paper...Some newspapers print a TV guide, which gets the most readership in the paper since people refer to it all week long.  Many people get good response advertising this way. Try to get a page such as the front or back cover that will get the most exposure.

Co-op Ads with Others
...Pool your advertising money together with others and share the expense of advertising.  You can find free “rotators” on the net that divide up the leads evenly among all participants.  This can be a good way to build a team together.


Recruit From Internet "Affiliate" Programs...Find people who run "affiliate programs" on the Internet and try to get them into your business.  They have built a list of affiliates already and can be gold to you.  Also, you can find people who work affiliate programs and prospect them.


Regional and National Events...Build your business in the cities where your company sponsors events by placing ads in their local publications and online, looking for leaders a couple months before the event. Then get a leader or two into your business and help them build in their city for the big event.  This method of marketing can work extremely well. This can also work really well if your company's leaders have "local" weekly meetings going.  Just make sure you get the prospect sponsored "before" they attend a local meeting that is not in your area so they aren't tempted to sign up with somebody else when they're at the meeting or training.


Remember...ACTION is your key to success!!  Consistent, focused and massive - ACTION!!

Some like to call it HARD WORK !!


Business Card in Bills...You have probably heard this one before.  Many of you pay your bills online, but if you are still snail-mailing some your bills such as your utilities, phone, etc., why not include a business (or sizzle) card or flyer since a human being sees it and just may be having a bad day at work, and be open to check out making extra money from home in their spare time.


Meet and Greets…If your neighborhood or city holds “Meet and Greets,” get involved and prospect.  In fact, get your team involved too. (Best thing to do is collect as many business cards as you can, and follow up "later" by email, Facebook, Twitter, or phone. Don't try to sell them at the event itself, just be friendly and interested in them).


The Bank teller… Make sure to pass out your cards to the bank teller at the drive up window.  They usually don’t make much money and a second income may interest them.  In fact your business card could mention something about people these days and how they really musthave a second ("Plan B") income.

Door Hangers...You can get these printed inexpensively from a local printer or find one on the Internet.  Then hang on doors all over your town.  You can hire kids to do this for you and distribute to thousands of homes pretty fast.  We have some of the least expensive ones you can find anywhere, at  web site in the Marketing Tools area.

Hotel Billboards...Both the large ones outside and now the small ones inside in the lobby.  Outside boards attract hotel patrons and also local traffic passing by.  Inside boards attract business minded people from all over the country.


TIP: “The Difference between wanting to be successful and BEING successful is by taking advantage of the Wisdom offered by true Leaders.”  

           Karl Jackson (top income earner)  


Doctor’s / Dentists Offices...two things you can do here.  First, leave information and samples if you can with the receptionist to give to the owner/doctor.  Then, always follow up with a phone call or in-person a few days later if you haven’t heard back from them.  Or, maybe they will let you leave your information or company magazine in their lobby for their patients to review. 


The Business Opportunity in a “Box”...Like a few others, I just kind of made this one up and don’t know if it will work or not. Obviously I have not personally tried all of these prospecting methods. I imagined putting a couple samples and marketing piece in a box and wrapping it like a gift. People love to get gifts. Who knows, maybe this could be a winner. Only give it to sharp, outgoing people whom you would like as your business partners.


The Bribe...Why not? Keep it light, fun and among friends of course. Tell them you'll take them to lunch if they'll check out your business opportunity. Or, maybe for 5 good leads you’ll take them to lunch. While at lunch, talk business.  Why?  Maybe they too will be interested, or they’ll give you more referrals, and don’t forget, the lunch is a tax write-ff, too.  My son Nicolas did this with two buddies and he told me one of them is joining him in his home-based business. It doesn't have to cost you a lot of money, and it works.

 Check out this V

Telemarketing Office...This one would cost you money to get started but if you have telemarketing experience or know somebody who does, and the money, you could build a nice income through this method of marketing.  If you are not a pro or can make arrangements to team up with one, this method may not be for you. Some people hire people to do this for them from India or the Philippians for about $2 an hour. You'd have to do a Google search to find moe information about this.


Local Office…Share office expenses with others on your team and use the office to display products and do business presentations.  People who join you could be allowed to rent desk space from you.  This method works extremely well. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce to see if they have information about any local small business "incubator" groups. Many of these offer extremely low cost office space and include a shared receptionist, conference room, etc.


Health Food Stores...Again, since so many companies are involved in the health food business these days, this is a perfect outlet for you if you are involved in this area.  The owners of the mom and pop stores will be much easier to get to and much faster making a decision than the chains, and most network distribution companies do not allow you to place their products in the chain stores anyway.  Get an owner of a thriving health food store (or small chain) excited about your products and you could profit for years to come.


Coffee (or Juice) Shops... Imagine the possibilities.  People from all walks of life hang out in these shops.  Make friends with the people who hung there. Many are wired and ready to fly, literally.  LOL. The key is to go there and hang out regularly so people get to know you.

Bulletin Boards in Businesses...Yes, “bulletin boards” can put money in your pocket, possibly a lot of money.

Here’s a free way to find local, sharp business partners, as you go about your day. Plus, much more as you’ll see.

Whenever you are driving by, or frequenting a local establishment like a restaurant, that has a “bulletin board,” make sure to stop and do your duty. You know what I mean, head for the - bulletin board.

Following, are a few excellent reasons you “must” carry your business or sizzle cards with you everywhere you go.

Sure, of course you want to put your business or sizzle  cards (or flyers) up on the board.  That’s a no-brainer. Put a few up, never just one. I also like to drop a card or two on the floor by the board and in the restroom as well.

Preferably, you want to place a “sizzle” card there.  You know, those are the bright, punchy ones that MARKET you much better than your competition (every other card on that board.  They usually have a normal boring business card. I highly suggest you make up a sizzle (also called, drop cards) card that GRABS PEOPLE’S ATTENTION!!  You can get 5,000 full color, printed on both sides for about $100 from  This is the best deal I have found.  They also print other stuff like postcards and flyers, cheap.

But, let’s go one step further.  Even better than need a notebook to write down the names and contact information of all these entrepreneurs who took the time to put their card or flyer there.

You could take every one of these cards with you but that’s just not nice, since they put them there in the first place to “get” actual business, not for you to prospect them.  ;-)

Some of these are the kind of people you want in your business. Many of them are obviously the more aggressive types who go around placing these little “advertisements” around town.  Many are probably also pretty “connected” around town.  Many can always use some extra income, right?  Well, at least most of them would be open to that possibility if it were the right one.

If you do this activity consistently, you will find business partners and customers.  And, it’s something others can duplicate as they go about their day. More and more people are looking for another stream of income these days, so they are looking and open. 

Next, go home and start contacting them and getting them into your marketing system. I don’t know what your method is, maybe you simply send them an email (make sure to abide by the CanSpam act of 2003, do a Google search to see what this is if you don’t know), or maybe you give them a quick call. Then, of course do proper follow up with the interested ones. And, don’t forget to ask for referrals. Always ask for referrals!!

There are two other powerful reasons you should use this method to prospect.

First, if you’re thinking that this is “old school” marketing and you only want to do ”new school” social networking – you’re right, it is old school. So what. It WORKS!!

You know what, it really doesn’t take much extra time out of your day and you can get some very good targeted "local" leads.  Who knows, maybe somebody will lead you to a superstar business partner you can work with locally. One who is really connected to people of influence and may, or may not be into the new school marketing, yet.

Second, remember as you’re driving around town going to and from work, a baseball game, or wherever – make “sure” to ALWAYS drop your cards or flyers off at places like bulletin boards, gas pumps, ATMs, etc!!

This is doing “business” and this year the IRS allows you to deduct somewhere upwards of 50 cents for every mile you put on your vehicle. HELLO!!!  I hope you are taking advantage of thisincredible business deduction yourself, and using its income saving attractiveness to sponsor more people into your primary business!

Hey, if for example, you put on 15,000 miles yearly on average, and you were “doing business” as you go about your day (talk to your accountant of course, but if you’re worried - this “is” legal and people do it all the time), you would be able to write-off around $7,500 a year that you normally would be paying taxes on.

HELLO Again!! 

So, let me ask you this.  Are you willing to give that money up to your grumpy old Uncle Sam for who knows what, OR, would you rather “keep” that money for whatever YOU want to spend it on?  Need I say more?

Please, don’t overlook the simple daily ways to prospect. They may be worth much more to you than you think.


Rent a Store "Window"…If there is a mall in your area with an unoccupied store, ask the mall manager if you can set up a display, a window sign, or even do a live demo of some kind in the storefront window on weekends, until the store is occupied. Work out an inexpensive deal. Maybe you can even trade out some products for window space.  If you are creative, you could attract some crowds and gain some potential customers or new business partners. Obviously, you can see that I made some of these prospecting methods up. I think this one has merit, however, and could work well. ;-)


Automobile Magnets...They are fairly inexpensive and lots of people will see it.  If you plan on promoting the same business and have an easy website domain name to remember, you may want to get a magnet. 

 TIP: "New Blood is the Life Blood."     ~  Shane Morand (top income earner)'s a way to search for current network marketers from this website.  You'll have to experiment or ask a technical guru for help, however.  Sorry I can’t be more help on this one, just pointing you in the right direction.


eBay...People sell just about anything and everything on, why not you?  Just make sure you don’t get into any trouble with your company in doing so, and abide by eBay rules. (Don't forget about:, and similar places as well).


Senior Centers… See if you can do a product demonstration in your local senior center.  


Yahoo Actions…Basically this is the same deal as eBay.


Banner Ads...These are the small colorful display ads you see on many websites and sometimes in email.  Some ezines (online newsletters and magazines) charge you to place a banner in their ezine that gets distributed to their list of subscribers.  Many websites offer this program as well. If you use one, make it an “action” one to capture the eye.


Banner and Link Exchanges...There are banner and link “exchanges” where your banner  or link goes out on websites across the Internet and other banners get shown on your web site in “exchange” for yours being shown.  This has been popular in recent years and you still see it around. Rather than me lead you to a link or company that may or may not still be in business, as with many of these methods of prospecting, do a Google or Yahoo search to get the latest up-to-date information. A friend of mine, Mike G. has had BannersGoMLM going for years, check that out.


Free Vacation Give-Away...You can find inexpensive hotel certificates online by doing a search, and offer them as a free premium give-away to help you get more prospects and/or sales.  If done right, this can work well.


Ask an Internet Guru…If you want a hot new product to use as a "give-away" to get people to your website to check out your business opportunity and products/service, you may want to ask a few of the Internet gurus if they have some of their materials such as an eBook or powerful video or audio that you could give-away, possibly free.  Many of these guys have excellent material that they would be willing to give you to use as a premium.  It helps them get their name out there more and also helps build their list as well.  If your business opportunity is not in direct competition, this may work for you.  And, their material may even help your new business partner build your business faster. Check out a powerful recruiting video series I give-away free at:  "Building on a Budget" at: 


As a Gift...Offer your products or service to friends, relatives and business associates as a gift.  This can open up the door to new business that may not have been available without the “gift.”  You know how people love nice gifts.  It kind of obligates them, too.


Ad on Back of Grocery Receipts...I look at them, do you?  Definitely worth considering.  If your local grocery store does not have them, try another city close by or even in other areas outside of your region.


Live "Walking" Billboards...Why not?  Make two bright colored signs that are easy to read, then drape them over a person you hire (or do it yourself) and walk the streets of a busy city or area.  Supply them with flyers and business/sizzle  cards as well.  Maybe a megaphone and script, too.  Or, body tattoo them on the model.


The “Speaking Car”…Record a powerful advertising message that promotes an event or your website address and play it over a loud speaker from your car as you drive around town in busy areas.  You could also do this live. (free) marketing platform for businesses. Check it out: lets you create unlimited video stages using videos from YouTube. Very cool concept. Here's an example: Check it out here: 


The “Talking House"… Just like the talking house signs that some real estate companies use, only you advertise your business and website. 


"Head" Ads...Great for bald men.  Have your head painted (with non-toxic paint), or hire a bald guy and paint his head with your ad.  Or, a hat will suffice if you can’t find a willing bald guy, but the bald head ad would sure attract much more attention, don’t ya think?  Rent the guy out by the day, the week or the month if he’s willing and you have the ad budget. Or, shave your head, come on, I double-dog dare ya.


TIP: "I go after the people who are open minded. Someone who has vision and drive, and who is entrepreneurial.”  

    Jeff Miller (million dollar a year earner)

SOME SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITES's where you get to meet people "live" at local events and get to pitch your opportunity for 5 to 10 minutes to dozens of people in a two hour period. Check out their web site.  They have an “online” version also. I have used the online version a few times already and plan more, and it has worked well so far for me.… Business networking online. Communicate with over 300,000 Professionals on the Ryze Business Network. Free and upgrade versions.…Here you can find business and social matches.  I have used this and have been able to prospect a few good leads.… With thousands of chapters worldwide, BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world! Look for other choices "locally" also and you'll probably find some less expensive and not as restrictive.…A bit costly to be a member but may be worth checking out anyway.…At 5 Minute Networking® events you meet 20 other individuals, one-on-one, in 5 minute increments. Results are maximized by the Event Facilitation Software, which seats participants in the optimal position. In a 5 minute meeting with another individual, you can describe your respective businesses, exchange business cards and pass on referrals. When you hear the bell, it's time to move to another table and meet someone new! Much like FastPitchNetworking.…
eXtreme Networking is the pioneer of high-speed networking events that harness pre-collected attendee information to qualitatively couple compatible people. As a producer of traditional networking events and conferences, you can now uniquely compress the impact of multiple wining and dining gatherings into just a few premium-quality hours.…Go to the “Entrepreneurs Profiles” section located close to the bottom of the BizWiz home page. You will be able to set up your own profile and connect with other entrepreneurs worldwide.
Here's a cool place (social network) with loads of traffic.  They say, "Everyone’s an expert on something!  Share your knowledge and passion with the world." So, go do it. to Squidoo. HubPages and Squidoo have gained me some fast search engine optimization (SEO) on the first page rankings in Google. But then so has Twitter. Check it out. Kule social network you really need to see. Place one post and it goes on  over 80 different social media websites.


Other Social Networking (follow me, Nick Hetcher at >,,,, Facebook (follow me at,,, and the list continues to grow monthly.  Heck, there are even companies who will help you start your own social network website.


Daily Joke Service… Set up a daily “joke” (weird facts, history fact of the day, or “whatever”) email delivery service and advertise your products, service and business opportunity thru it. Post about it and advertise it on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.


Hospitals…Maybe you have a product or service that the hospital can offer in their new mom baby bags.  Can’t hurt to find out and it could be a steady stream of contacts for you. (Maybe sell your stuff in the hospital gift shop also).


Offer a Bonus...Use your less expensive products as bonuses when people purchase other products. Run your own promotions, why wait for the company?


Testimonial Hotline..Assemble a “testimomial” recorded message hotline or web site if your company does not have one and use it to help your team build the business.  Powerful testimonials can work well for building trust fast.
Here's a sample of one I did (includes testimonials): 888-285-1279


Ad on Restaurant "Placemats"...There are a couple ways to do this one.  First, you could contact local printers or restaurants and see if a company in the area already does this and you could get your ad on their placemat, or you could make up your own and give it away free to busy local restaurants.  Make sure their clientele is a good match for your product or service.


TIP: Winning is a Habit.  So is Losing.  Choose to WIN.


Call Coffee Shops (not local)...Ask them if you can send them an email about your products.  Tell them how simple it is to make the products and even the business opportunity available to their customers without being pushy, but by simply having brochures and samples available around the shop.  You can get their phone numbers from your library or online.  Same goes for non-local ~  restaurants and bars. 


The 800# Directory…There are 800# directories available that you can purchase. They contain tens of thousands of businesses and their toll free 800#s.  You can prospect small business owners all across the nation for free this way.  Remember, business owners are entrepreneurs.  Many are open to new opportunities. Keep your conversations short and to the point.  Or, get an unlimited calling phone plan and call any business or individual for one low flat rate. If you're "chicken," you could call after business hours and leave a short powerful message that directs them to your voice message or website. 


Vending Machines...Offer your samples in "snack" vending machines. Ok, maybe this sounds kind of weird, but you’ll never know until you try it. You could even offer the business opportunity, too. Bring in the vending company as a distributor for your company or work out a deal to give them the product really cheap (even at a loss on the wholesale cost) if they’ll let you attach your business opportunity information to each packet. 


TIP: Success is simply...Running with the Runners! 


Give Samples to Attendees at Business Seminars...You may get the boot on this one but if you stand outside the event you could hand out samples and literature to attendees.  Many of these are the kinds of people you want to find for your business.  They are prime candidates and in the market for a business opportunity.  Or you could attend the seminar and "quietly" prospect people during the day by exchanging business cards and following up later.


Bars and Restaurants...Expanded version. OK, so now Nick's suggesting we go to bars to build our business. “Are you crazy Hetcher? I'm NOT going to build my business 'this' way.  NO WAY BUDDY!!”……Hold on thar BubbaLu...Hear me out before you circular-file my suggestion.  It does have great potential to bust your business wide open, which means--your income can go thru the roof. Let's think "outside the box" for a minute here.  It'll be fun.  Read on.


When you present your product line or business opportunity to more than one person at a time, such as small or medium size groups, you are building your customer and marketing executive base faster.

It just makes sense, right? And once you do a couple group presentations, it gets much easier to do them.  So, how do bars fit into this equation? 

Think about it, every bar (or restaurant for that matter) owner and manager has a loyal following of hundreds or even thousands of customers (let's even call them, "friends").  These are people that "already" spend money with them. Can you see where I'm going with this? Of these hundreds or thousands of friends, they know some who are leaders and people with the right attributes for success, such as a great attitude and work ethic. They know who among their patrons has their own "following" of believers. Like-minded people.  THIS IS POWERFUL, VERY POWERFUL!! 

These bar and restaurant owners are entrepreneurs, right?  They already work for themselves and many would love to make extra money without much effort, and maybe they can with your company, since they already have this following.  If they don't join you, they may really be leaving a lot of money (Immediate and Residual Income)...on the table.  


If you know a few bar or restaurant owners, start with them.  Then you could expand and contact virtually every one in your area.  Show them the company presentation and how they could earn substantial income fairly quickly by simply inviting every one of their patrons to a Saturday morning presentation that you would present for them.

Make up some flyers for them to pass out a couple of  weeks leading up to the event.  They could identify leaders "before" hand so a pecking order was "somewhat" in place by presentation time.  You may even want to meet with a few of their "key" leaders prior to the meeting and get them into the business before the meeting. 

Make sure the presentation isn't too early on Saturday morning, so those late Friday night party-hounds can make it too.  

You could even do a mailing and phone follow-up to hundreds of bars and restaurants in your region. 

This idea, if properly executed, could be a huge boon for your business.


TIP: Remember, a great idea is NOTHING, unless it is ACTED upon!!

Internet News Groups
...In the Google or Yahoo search engine type in “your product name” + the words “news groups” and you’ll probably find dozens, even hundreds of groups of people who are interested in what you offer.  Join the group, abide by their rules and make contacts and ultimately sales and business partners.  This is a very targeted and free list of people. As with most of these methods, you are “sorting” thru the them for the "interested" people only. 


Business Owners at Trade Shows...Go to industry related trade shows as a guest and “quietly” prospect the vendors.  If the owner is not there, talk with the sales reps.  If you start openly passing out literature, you can bet they’ll give you the boot but if you’re discreet, you may be able to make some really good contacts.  These are usually sharp business minded people who could be perfect for your business or products.  Keep in mind, much success revolves around “relationships” and if you hit it off with some of these people and they like you, they just might want to do business with you also.


BingoSome bingo halls will be glad to take your samples to give out as door prizes. Inexpensive exposure. …There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o, B-I-N-G-O……(everybody sing)

Podcasting...Podcasting is the process of creating an audio show of some sort available in MP3 format via an RSS 2.0 feed. Podcasts are designed to include talk shows, tutorials, music, or other audio content. Users select the podcasts (audio feeds) they wish to subscribe to.


Flyers in stores...Putting up colorful flyers on local store bulletin boards does not take much time and it could lead to a few sales or business partnerships.  It’s a good idea to always carry your business cards and some flyers with you whenever you go out anywhere.  Or, just tape them to a wall in the store.  This one may even get you a call from the store manager.  ;-)


Network  Check it out. is also a place to find people who are actively seeking an income source or to move up the food chain.  I have personally seen these work if you prospect the “right” kinds of people, such as friendly, outgoing “sales” types if you are looking for a business partner for your opportunity. 


Daycare CentersMake a day of it dropping off information and samples to daycare centers in your area.  Especially if you have “mom or child” type products or services.  Some of these mom’s would love to make extra money working from home part or full-time so this could be an excellent method to build your business.


Offer Free Marketing Tools...By offering free marketing tools (like this resource manual), which you can use as a free ($97 retail value) give-away to attract people for your products or opportunity.  Just make sure you send people to the  website to get this guide from there.  NOTEI do sell marketing and training tools there and  affiliate programs and even promote my home-based businesses I am involved with, at the website and thru auto responders so do NOT send people there if you don't want them getting my promotions!!  I, like some of you, however, will use this guide as a free give-away as a way to promote business.  Some of the folks you send this to may request more information from me on what program(s) I may be working actively and I have no way of knowing who sent who, thus some may possibly join me in business…so AGAIN, if you are afraid of possibly losing a downline member—then do NOT send them the link for this free prospecting book. The initial reason for my book and marketing blog was to help me build my businesses as I help other’s build theirs.  I hope I made this point perfectly clear.


Taxi Cab and City Busses...It’s hard to miss the big honkin’ billboards on the sides of buses and on the tops of cabs.  If you can afford the ad space, it may be worth a test.


Private Car Ads… Some of these prospecting ideas I make up, like thus one.  Why not run an ad asking people who drive around your area a lot, to place your advertisement on their car or truck, for a price.  Say you have 10 magnetic signs printed up and get them on both sides of 5 local vehicles. Or, window signs because the back window is better than the sides of the vehicle as more people will see it. Maybe you agree to pay them $15 to $25 a month each. This way your ads get seen by tens of thousands of people each and every month.


Park Benches...Some cities sell advertising on park and bus loading zone benches.  Loads of exposure, just make sure the ads are in an area of town that is a good fit to your products and opportunity.


Group Prospecting…Take your team on “road trips” where everybody hands out business cards or flyers as a group. Maybe inexpensive samples, too. It’s a blast working together as a team.  You could do parades, 4th of July events, etc., all over your state and hit thousands of people at each event.


Door to Door Sales Companies...Small product door to door sales companies may be interested in adding your products to their product line.  This is definitely worth exploring the possibilities. Or, maybe they use your (inexpensive) product as a "door opener" to get into homes. You may even pick up some excellent business partners this way as well.


TIP: Learning to accept the “not interested” comments and continuing on is the only way you will achieve success.  Building your business is work. It’s NetWORK Marketing, not NetWelfare Marketing. 


Church BizarresMany churches hold small festivals and bizarres every year.  Set up a booth and make new contacts while selling your products. Make sure to prospect all the vendors, too.


Sponsor People in Foreign Countries Easily...Make the initial contact with people in your country (example: If you live in the US, then the US) who are connected with people in the countries your company is currently in or will be in soon. I know a guy who ran ads in regular US newspapers and did very well doing this.

Tip:  The problem isn’t that there are enough people with common sense; the problem is that there aren’t enough people with uncommon sense.


The Gas Pump is Your Friend...You will meet all kinds of people at the gas pump and with the price of gas these days, many are open to making more money (just to pay for their gas).  Strike up a conversation and see where it takes you.  Obviously you want to hand them your business card and get theirs if possible.  You should tape your card or a flyer to the pump also, for others to see all day long.  Some people even put 5 to 10 of their sizzle cards in a clear plastic lunch baggie and tape to gas pumps.


Put info. in Every Bill You Pay...Tuck your business card or a brochure into every envelope when sending out your bills.  Real humans will see them on the other end.  Write a short hand written note too for the best response. If it makes sense, a reason "not" to pay some of your bills online. ;-)


Give a Sample to Every Store Clerk...And make sure to also give them your business card or flyer.  Store clerks usually do not make a lot of money and many are open to extra ways of making money.  Build a relationship with several and over time a few will buy your stuff and join your opportunity just because they like you.  

Escape the Matrix , Daily with Nick Hetcher -> 

Offer Free Products to Local Business Functions
...Why not call local business groups like the JC’s, Eagles, Lion’s Club, etc. and offer them free products for their next get-together. Of course you want some advertising in exchange for the products. Maybe they'll even let you set up a table. A friend of mine does this and gets leads every time.


Be a “Party” Attendee…Go to all the home parties you are invited to.  The main purpose is because you will be able to meet new prospects for your business at these parties.  Make friends and collect their contact information.  Then give them a follow up call and see if they have an interest in “your” products and/or home business.  And, don’t forget to prospect the person doing the demonstration.


Contact All the Party Gals…Look for all the “party plan” (like Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Avon, etc.) people in your area and go after them.  They can be excellent prospects.  We just had a gal join our group who was “supposed” to start a Tupperware business next week but after she saw our opportunity, she decided to join us instead.  Sorry Tupperware.  ;-)


Auctions... Ask auctioneers if you can set up a stand at their auctions and cut them in on the profits. This would work best if your company has products that people can eat or drink.  Imagine if you signed a few of these "loud mouths" into your business, too.


Stickers for Envelopes...Have stickers made (find them at an Office Max or similar business, or links found at )  with a catchy phrase, your website and contact information and put them on every envelope you mail out.  Actually you could put them all over the place.  Just make sure you don’t put them in a place that will get you in trouble with local businesses, or your mom/wife.  LOL 


Photo Postage Stamps… Did you know you can actually havereal US postage stamps made with YOUR photo and information on them?


Yellow Pages Coupon Section...Don’t forget that the yellow pages still exist.  You may have very little competition with your stuff and the people looking you up are “interested” in what you have to offer so that should be an easy sale.  This makes your job all that much easier when they’re interested and calling you.  Two negatives, however, they only come out once a year and the cost can be high. Also, most yellow page books now offer a “coupon” section. Put your specials there if the cost fits your budget and you feel it’s worth the expense. This should also get you some of their online exposure.

TIP: Prospecting should get your highest priority. It is the single most important activity in building a Network Marketing business. 

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you send folks to my:, or web sites, they will see MY advertisements and receive my emails promoting marketing tools and the home business I am involved in.  I also don’t know who is prospecting me or asking me if they can see what business I am involved with.  I will respond to these people and occasionally a few may end up joining me in business.  Since they approached me and are apparently “selling,” or “looking,” I will most likely tell them I’m not interested in their venture (those who are selling me on their business), or I will respond to their questions.  So, if you’re worried about possibly losing a member in your organization due to the above, then do not pass my book or web site addresses along to them. I mention this so I am not hiding this fact. I would rather keep my name clean than hide this in any way. If you have a solid business and good rapport with your group, this should not be an issue anyway.  If not, or you have “floaters” (people who move from business to business every other month), those people are likely to move on to another business opportunity no matter what.  As most of you know, far too many people jump from company to company in this industry.  Not a good business practice. I have been guilty of it myself. 

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Disclaimer:  This resource guide contains ideas to reach new prospects and customers.  I do not know the laws in every state or country so please make sure that you are abiding by your laws of the land and the company you work with.  Your actions are your own responsibility and by reading this manual you indemnify Nick Hetcher and associates of any wrong doing on your part.  Use common sense.  Remember also, there are many free ways to find prospects, you do not have to spend a lot (or even any) money to find new customers and business partners.  If you do choose to use a prospecting method that requires money, make sure to "test" it first with a little bit of money invested and then if you find that it is working enough to justify spending more money, that may be the time to plunge in a little deeper, but remember to always continue testing.  My advice would be to just be very careful and take your time. A rule of thumb is, never spend any more money than you can afford to lose, and don't go into debt to advertise.  Building a successful, long-term business is much like a marathon, not a sprint.  You do want to work it hard and with much passion and commitment from day one, but don’t expect miracles over night.  Build slowly at first and reinvest some of your profits into marketing and prospecting. No guarantees of income are promised or implied here, you may not make a dime.  Hopefully you will do very well and reach many of your goals.  I wish you all the best of health and success. 
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